Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Morning

Yesterday, my eleven year old co-worker interviewed for an open position in my company.  Ten years ago I would have been all over that job.  I am enjoying the peace that has finally settled in my spirit about work.  I understand and accept the fact that I don't want to climb anymore.  The beautiful part is that I want this child to succeed.  I want to help her if she gets the job and I assure you there was a time (even in sobriety) that I would have had a strong desire to sabotage her efforts.  God has just settled something in me and I am so grateful for the peace that comes along with it.  Being "me" feels good enough for the first time in a long long time.  I don't feel too old for a new and challenging job, I feel to settled for the race.


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

This is a foundationally awesome post!

Anonymous said...

I love you Pammie XOXOXOXOXO!!!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, Pammie. There is something so refreshing about having a mind made up. I am in a horribly conflicted time right now and I am loving your sense of peace. ~ Kristin H.

Mary LA said...

That acceptance, so good when we reach that space and peace of mind. Have a wonderful weekend Pam

Annette said...

What a great place to be Pammie! To be content is a wonderful place to find oneself. You sound very content.

Villa Veritas said...

This is definitely a great position to find yourself in. Congratulations on settling into your spirit. It's an amazingly calm feeling to have "settles for the race." It's a great place to be so mentally prepared for what is going to come at you.

luluberoo said...

Once in a while, my boss says she values my experience! That's nice to hear in a world of 20' somethings.

But if I need help with anything computer...they are the go to people. Even the spacey ones understand everything about moving documents, etc.

Anyway, it's a nice place to be, this point in our lives. Rock on, young lady.

Kary May said...

My nubile co-workers were going through some old pictures at work yesterday and there was yours truly in the bloom of her youth with a bunch of my co-workers thirty years ago. One of my present co-workers asked, "Who are these old ladies you used to work with." The women in the pictures were younger than I am now and I thought they were old back then, too. What goes around, comes around and they better be careful of where I stick that torch before I pass it.

mary christine said...

Glad you have found your peace with it. Maybe you can help me find mine.

dAAve said...

That great Pam.
But I'm amazed that your company employs an eleven year-old.

Syd said...

I'm glad that you don't feel the need to climb anymore. I was offered the job of director but refused. All headaches IMO. I was happy being where I was on the ladder--nothing left to prove for me. And I'm really happy with retirement.

Anonymous said...

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