Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Morning

  • I had a good relaxing weekend with my friend from Oklahoma. It was nice to wake up on Saturday and Sunday morning and have coffee with her in person.  We spent way too much time at Charming Charlies and Cost Plus World Market.  We ate way too much.  We uncomfortably acted like nothing was amiss when my neighbor came over Saturday night to swim with us in a white see through bathing suit. I still don't know why he did this but I know his partner was not happy.
  • I have one month left to prepare a workshop on the 9th step for my convention.  I've had eleven months to prepare.  I MUST BEGIN.
  • I am open to any 9th step workshop ideas that anyone out there may have.
  • I like my co-workers but I am really not in the mood to spend the day with them.  I'd like to stay home and nap.
  • Uggghh, I can not think of anything to write about today.  I miss the old days when everything on the web seemed so anonymous and you could just write about whatever was on your mind.  I filter everything now.


Mary LA said...

Yup, I filter too Pam -- that old safe anonymity has gone. Your neighbour may having a mid-life crisis?

luluberoo said...

Sometimes less is more--whether it's bathing suits or blogging.

I filter now also, because often the details are just gruesome. Who wants to read that! Yet I want (need) to be honest. That's the reason I bother to write. I can't do pretty photographs or motivational quotes every day. That's not my life.

I feel "safe" with a group of bloggers, but there are other people reading who I have no idea what their intent is.

Anonymous said...

Hey, lady. It's Kristin H.

Filtering is what prompted me to pull down the other blog. I was most concerned with coworkers and extended family. I don't really worry about others. But it was like one person in that circle would find out you have a blog and they tell two friends, and so on and so on...

Step Nine: Probably one of the key steps in the recovery process. We deal with OUR fear and resentments in four and five. We can address OTHERS resentments in nine. It is the step that allows me to truly clear away the wreckage of my past and move freely about in sobriety. I can't function fully as a sober person if I know that there are people out there that I have hurt and can do something to help remedy that damage.

Happy Monday :-)

dAAve said...

I miss your chicken stories.

Annette said...

Oh Pam, you always make me smile. I love step 9. I couldn't wait to get there when I was new in doing my steps. Everyone thought I was crazy. lol
Do you think your neighbor knew it was see through? Or was he showing off his goods?

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I know that filter of which you write!
I love World Market
9th step... WOW, I cannot even begin to comprehend the difficulty of that one. The anonymity one I did at our State Convention came more easily as I found the ones from the International and listened to them.

I tend to go to speaker tape sources for inspiration. Is that cheating? LOL

Anonymous said...

I had a sinilar incident at my house at a pool party last summer. That pertson no longer gets invited, LOL! I miss you Pam! Maybe I NEED a filter? Hmmmm, step nine. there is a lot of talk about "making ammmends to myself" in the rooms today. The only way I have made ammends to myself is by forgiving others for the wrong they have done to me, not too many people want to hear that. Oh, and buying purses, did I mention buying purses? Just kidding!!!(kinda) Have a great fourth. Glad you got to spend some quality time with your OK friend :)

Syd said...

I have found it great to not be blogging every day. I think that I may have a life outside of blogging. Maybe I'll just go to Twitter and do that. Little quips of a few letters. Much easier.

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