Monday, July 9, 2012

God Knows 'cause I've told him

I sat at my breakfast table for hours this weekend working on my workshop presentation for a convention at the end of the month. Oh my, I cannot seem to get this together and it's starting to make me nervous.

My neighbor had a very disturbing call from his elderly mother yesterday, concerning something awful his daughter said about him.  I sat with him for an hour trying to talk "program" to him basically.  It's the only "speak" I really know and non program people just aren't in tune with it.  I kept trying to bring the conversation back to him and he could not get his mind off the others.  I am not used to talking about the faults of others except when their actions were either caused by me or what I can do about my feelings concerning their actions.  It just seems a waste of time to sit and try to figure out the motives of others.  It's hard enough to figure out my own motives.

This will be a busy week for me but I'm not afraid.  God knows that I need extra time to see my grandson who is in from Fort Worth and visiting his mother; Sober Daughter.  God knows that I need an intuitive thought concerning the outline for my workshop.  God knows that I need to go back to the dentist since I lost the filling over my root canal this weekend. God knows that I need to work for a living.  So, between God knowing and my will all get done.


luluberoo said...

God knows grandsons bring a unique lightness of spirit.


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

God does know and you are loved and cherished just as you are, so the pressure is off, let it be! :)


Mary LA said...

I'm sure your workshop will come together. And that your neighbour just needed a sounding board. Good luck with the dentist.

Patty said...

Good morning Pammie! I love you!

dAAve said...

I'm willing to bet that by the end of the week. everything that had to be done, will be done.

Marcia said...

ha ha. God knows even before you do!

Annette said...

Love that last sentence!

Syd said...

I know that you can do what has to be done. You will manage. I believe that.

Anonymous said...

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