Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Morning

There is something wrong with me.
I have wanted to get high (then higher) as long as I can remember.
Yesterday I watched a National Geographic special about a new drug that is sweeping Europe and it looked fantastic to me.  As they were listing all the scary facts about it, I was thinking "yeah yeah" get to what the great effects are that keep people buying it.
There is something wrong with me.
Because of my journey, I know that I will never be able to try this drug and that is sad to me.
There is something wrong with me.  I'm grateful that I have the disease of addiction.
I'm grateful that something is wrong with me.
How else would I have found the life I have now?
At the end of the show, my husband said "damn, that's some bad shit."
I looked at him like he was crazy and said "oh honey, there's something wrong with me."
Thank you God.  I have no idea why this appalling drug looks good to me but it is who and what I am.
So I will stay on this road, hopefully until I die of natural causes because my brain has something wrong with it.
Be gentle with the world today.  We never know whats' wrong with people.


dAAve said...

I'm grateful that neither you nor I have to use whatever the "drug de jour" is. Let's just watch from the sideline.

Anonymous said...

It still disturbs me to this day that I get a little rush of anticipation when I hear I might have to have surgery (C-Section, tubes tied, etc..) I can't help but think, "I get a hall pass on my addiction for just a few hours!"

What kind of f**ked up shit is that? I know full well where that kind of thinking will take me. Just another reminder that there is something off with my brain.

Anonymous said...

I've never done drugs but I like to be messed up on booze. It's the reason I stopped. Hugs to you.

Mary Christine said...

I am grateful that God has granted you 21 miraculous years of freedom from acting on "what's wrong with you."

Syd said...

And I would think that what's wrong with me is that I didn't want to lose brain cells when everyone else was getting drunk and stoned. I have a few brain cells that I still treasure and they will have to hold me for a few more years. LOL.

Tiko said...

Kristin. Pamie: I hear you! How sick our minds can still be. Wow don't know what to say...Kristin you spoke what I have never uttered to anyone. I should then others might not feel alone....thanks girls

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