Saturday, June 16, 2012

Short Hair

Look-short hair!!  I think I love it.  I know I like it.

I feel un-frumpy now.

There is a job opening in my department.  A guy flew in from St. Louis yesterday to interview.  He took some teasing from the interviewers because he said he will be 25 years old in 10 days.....they all felt the shared camaraderie of being a quarter century old. help me.

Today will probably be outstanding because I cannot come up with a single reason why it shouldn't.


luluberoo said...

The color is freakin' beautiful! I might have to come down and see your stylist.

PS: your neck is pretty too

SoberMomRocks said...

It's GORGEOUS!!! I'm jealous because a. I can't be a blond and b. my hair won't do that! LOL

Don't you love it when something like that takes away the frumpies.

You are beautiful inside and out so of course you're going to have a great day!


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

It looks so bouncy, bet it feels fun to swing your head around!


I think it looks like a sharp beautiful style from the back

:D A cool new haircut deserves a little celebration take it out and show it the town Pammie! :)


dAAve said...

good hair.
25 years old? ok.

Anonymous said...

Your hair kicks ass. Tell your stylist she's got mad skillz with the color :-)

Mary LA said...

Lovely cut and styling, eloquent neck fabulous dog just out of sight. Are those dog hairs on that sexy black top?

And would you want to be 25 again, Pam? When I was 25 I thought the world revolved around me and whatever bottle I was drinking from.

Marcia said...

I love it. 25 was over a quarter of a century ago.

Kary May said...


Annette said...

Pam you are adorable.....I can tell from this picture! Great hair! I went and got mine cut off yesterday too! Complaining that the last girl had given me a middle aged woman haircut. LOL it doesn't matter that's what I am...I don't want to look like it! You look spectacular! Love the hair....

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Hair = Excellent. Both color and cut are killer.

Twenty five: still drinking, lonely, living in the Tropics, losing weight, still drinking. Sucked. No interwebs or e-readers or cell phones. Lotsa tequila, beaches, shells and infidelity. sucked.

Mary Christine said...

Pammie, your hair looks gorgeous. I hope you are enjoying it.

I know you don't want to be 25 - but it is a pain in the ass to work with a 25 year old - or a bunch of them.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the hair!

Syd said...

Pammie, your hair looks great. Glad to see a photo of your hair and back. I feel as if I am 25 most days, except lately I've felt much older.

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