Thursday, April 26, 2012

yak yak

If I felt like it was appropriate (meaning no one I know would ever see it) I could go into some family drama that would have people tuning in daily to see what the hell happens next. Lord have mercy there is one shit storm after another spinning all around me.  The great news is that I'm not in the center of any of it. Yahoooo.  A lot of it effects me but nothing I can say or do will affect the outcome so I'm just "being."  (effect/affect?)

Sometimes, I just hate to be alone with myself in a bathroom stall.  It's like all the demons come into my brain to torment me because no one else is around.

I love mac and cheese mixed with field peas and A-1 sauce....well with cornbread too of course.

I went to a meeting in a re-hab facility last night.  An older woman of about 60 said "I'm very confused about the last 10 years.  I understand that I've been drunk for most of it, but I'm not sure who kept pouring it, I didn't recognize my own hand on the bottle."


Patty said...

That last sentence chilled me to the bone.

Syd said...

I am glad that the woman can have a new life with recognition. That will be a wonderful thing.

Shit storms and drama are something that readers love, but being in the middle of it is what I hate. I hope that the storm quiets down.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Wow, like Patty above, that last sentence is a real thought-provoker for me. It's been nearly thirty years and I still want to be sober every day. Some days it never even crosses my mind that it's been a sober life; other days I think about it a lot.

Thanks for your blog.

Kary May said...

I have a problem with effect/affect, too, but I think in this instance it's effect. Watch out for the asteroids!

Annette said...

60 and in rehab... Bless her heart. I'm adding her to my prayer box.
My question is.... Do you use Kraft mac n cheese or are we talking homemade?

Lou said...

The bathroom stall brought to mind a hilarious share I heard at a NA meeting from a 50 year old crack addict who rode in on a bicycle. I started chuckling but quickly realized he was serious, and I was the only one laughing. Too long of a story to retell here, remind me if we ever meet to tell you.

Krisjbhm said...

I just found your blog today and it is a delight. I'm a "grateful" member of AlAnon. My "qualifier" husband graduated from Hazelden on 2/29/2012. and has been drinking up a storm to make up for those lost days. Your words and thoughts have cheered me up.Thanks!!! P.S. I think it is "effect" a verb!?!

SoberMomRocks said...

That last sentence...oh my it hit directly in my heart. Wow.

Mary LA said...

As a blog reader I don't like reading about shit storms and dramas because I worry about people caught in the middle of the drama.

That last line haunts me too.

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