Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sometimes Half Ass is the best I got

I made it through the work day and monopolized all Gods time throughout the day.  I tackled the hardest of my deadlines first and when I finished, I took a cup of coffee out side and did a mental gratitude list and a thank you prayer.  The day was not without bumps, my tooth although bearable is still painful, and the work load did not disappear during my "sleep day."  I just dropped the need to be perfect.  I showed up and did my best and my best is pleasing to God. 

Today, I'm just going to ask God for the ability to be my best self and not compare my best to yours.  When Ms. Talks too much calls I will listen from the perspective that she is also doing her best today.  When the guy on the back row of my meeting tonight says "I just came to get my court paper signed" I will acknowledge that he too showed up when he could have hid out and that might be his best self working.  I will not pretend to know when you are doing the best you can.  Hmmmm the paradox here is that sometimes "half ass" is the best we have that day.

Ahhhh Haaaaa - I just won't judge anyone including myself today.......there...I got it.


Mary Christine said...

Sounds like a great way to approach the day.

Kary May said...

It is so hard for me not to judge others, thanks for this perspective. If it makes you feel better I have a new huge gaping hole in my jaw that wouldn't quit bleeding last night and this morning I am grateful that I am up reading my blogs and there is not a big body shaped chalk drawing up on my bed amidst a pool of blood. lol

Syd said...

Sounds like a good plan to get through the day. I will do the same.

Anonymous said...

for every judgmental, know it all at every court ordered meeting the boy went to, there were 2 (4?) like you.

thanks, Pammie Poe Prairie

dAAve said...

That's some really good thinkin'.

Her Big Sad said...

Thank you Pammie, I needed that today! :)

mommaof3 said...

I love this!!!! I will do my best to incorporate this line of thinking into my own train of thought.....

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