Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chicken fried meatballs

I was in and out of bed yesterday until 2:00pm, then I got prettied up for the rodeo.  It felt good to tease my hair, heavy on the hairspray and go into to town for the Houston Rodeo.  Lots of walking.....lots.  I ate chicken fried meatballs at the fair and ice cream.  I threw the diet to the wind for grease and dairy. I'm OK with that.  The entertainment was the Zac Brown Band.  A lot of outdoor time last night really helped my spirit. 

I took off work again today.  My grandson has come to town for the week to be with sober daughter for spring break.  Today, I will go spend some time with him for a movie and a meal.

I finished a metal piece, frame and all at midnight last night so at least something was accomplished.

I wish so many things were different..........and yet I really hate change.  I'm kind of tired.  Just plain old simple no frills tired.


dAAve said...

I think you accomplished a whole lot more than just that metal piece.

Lou said...

I would take a vacation. Even to the back yard. Four days in a row at least. Four days to myself, or grandson, or Theo..whatever sounds good. When I'm tired I need four days in a row.

the rodeo was fun. Haven't been to one in a long time.

Marcia said...

and look! you have a title. :)

Mary Christine said...

I never even heard of chicken fried meatballs!

I hope you do whatever is nice for you Pammie.

Syd said...

The Zac Brown Band is great. Heard them a while ago before they became really popular. How about those Toes?

Patty said...

I like Lou's idea of four days in a row :) Enjoy !

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I like the Zac Brown Band. :) I also wish so many things were different and the idea of change ...blah!

I'm glad you got dolled up and went out for rodeo fun ... it lightens my heart to know that even in difficulty there can be a little levity!