Wednesday, February 15, 2012

They have solved the drink problem.......thank goodness

I had a very disturbing conversation with my oldest daughter last night about marriage and children.  She is struggling with many conflicting emotions and I fear she will make a decision based on "the moment" that will cause her pain down the road.  Sometimes it is so difficult to mother an adult.  I wish that "down the road" was a place we could go visit occasionally in order to get a better perspective of the spot in the road we are on presently.

When I get a new sponsee I always tell them to hi-light, underline or circle the last line of the first paragraph on page 17 of the BB.  It reads "They have solved the drink problem."  So we have a solution as our end goal and we know the issue has been solved for us, we just need to follow the same path the "solvers" came up with.  A lot of people know I am dieting right now and many of them have already solved their weight problems through the path of exercise or calorie counting or portion control or even gastric bypass.  It's the daily maintenance of the weight loss that seems to stump a lot of folks, me included.  What I love about our beautiful program is that I fully understand the daily maintenance, I understand the foundation the "solvers" came up with.  I "get" the magnitude of willingness every day.  The results are so startling that it's easy to get up every day with firm resolve.

Let's walk gently today, making our steps light.  There are so many people stomping around and I don't see any point in adding to all the vibration.


Mary Christine said...

I know how to lose weight. I could write a book about it. But maintaining weight loss? Not so much. The ONLY thing I have found that helps me is exercise.

Syd said...

The road forks though and that becomes a whole other problem. I am keeping my footprint to a minimum. Have a good one!

Scott W said...

That last sentence is some of the best words strung together I have read in a while. Think I will share it.

dAAve said...

I have read the above comments from MC, Syd and Scott.

shadow0301 said...

Hi Pammie,

Two things 1) I would like to have a mother like you who get us. 2) Thanks for your last sentence it is now highlighted and underlined. It never stood out in the almost 4 years (march 1) GOD willing. Thank you.

Marcia said...

it IS the daily maintenance...daily. maintenance. In just about everything.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I had gastric bypass, didn't solve the problem.

I maintain now but I believe God's doing that as much as anything else. Daily maintenance is crutial! The only good thing I can say about the experience was that with surgery I had a sudden relief of the deadly symptoms of obesity (high blood pressure and a few other physical issues) and that they made me wait almost 2 years and go through a program, with the doctor's staff and approved clinicians and psychiatrists), I also had to attend "Dr. ordered" support group meetings (that lasted for the 18 months) Sounds a hell of a lot like a lot of recovery beginnings, I found out I was dying, went to a treatment center, had surgery thinking it was the cure all, and still had to face myself in the end and give up to a spiritual solution.

Amazing how that happens!

I love God!