Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The sun is coming back.....Jack

I'm not a Valentines Day person, there I've said it.

I made white chicken enchiladas last night for my husband because I love to cook when I'm dieting.  Boil the chicken, shred it, mix it with Monetary Jack cheese, roll in tortillas put it pan.  Cook butter and flour till bubbly, mix in chicken broth, cook till thickens then fold in the sour cream, green chilies and pour over the enchiladas, cover with cheese and bake.  I see that it is still sitting in the pan and covered with aluminum foil this morning without a single bite missing.  What the hell?

I'm going to sober girls house at lunch today to return a big blood stone that is under my husbands side of the mattress.  She put it there months ago to help his feet.  Someone else has feet that need it now.

I am grateful today that the sun is supposed to reappear and the temps should reach 73.  That's good livin'.

Let's grab Gods' merciful hand today and see where that leads us K?


Syd said...

That big blood stone sounds like it would pulsate and beat--a good modern Poe story.

I'll see where God takes me today too. I think that I may be lead to a Valentines Dinner and a meeting. That sounds okay with me.

Mary Christine said...

And I'm excited because it's supposed to get up to 37º today! Have a nice 73º.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Have I said I love you today?

I say that to people who touch my heart because I believe God wants me to. You touch my heart every time!

Mary LA said...

The big blood stone -- well, what can I say?

Your white chicken enchiladas sound delicious.

Anonymous said...

I would have for sure guessed it was for his nose bleeds, but I know nothng of these things, but I would take any advice on anything that would straighten out my hormones, except the hormones themselves of course! Valentines is a non-holiday at our house and I have gotten used to it. Have a great 73 degree day! Ole!

dAAve said...


Annette said...

How can you cook that and not eat it? That sounds delicious! Have a good day Love.

Marcia said...

did he know it was for him to eat? sounds pretty good to me! or, maybe he wants to diet too!