Monday, February 13, 2012

It's a new week once again

I have not posted in a few days because my mornings have been kind of whack and I am not an evening blogger.  So some stuff:

  • I have lost 10lbs. since Feb. 1- through 900 calories a day and walking.  Today I up the calorie count to 1000 for the next two weeks.  This is the only way I know how to diet. I will raise the calorie count every two weeks until I'm not losing anymore.  Fish and vegetables have been my mainstay...yum.
  • Sober girl has received yet another certification in some sort of healing vibration art.  I don't know exactly what it is but she is performing some sort of energy transference from the moon to my oldest daughters womb this week in order to help her get pregnant.  She is well versed in "all things crystal."
  • This past Saturday was my last meeting as Chair of my Area for my fellowship.  It was bittersweet in that a lot of time will be freed up now but it was such an awesome privilege to serve in that capacity.
  • My young co-worker did in fact become my boss on Friday.  I am good with that.
  • I have been asked to do a workshop at our Area Convention this summer and I am looking forward to that.
  • It has been cold here in H town and I do not function well in these temperatures.  I need to be in the back yard digging up something or other and "for me" it's just too cold.  I do not like the weather to dictate to me....."stay inside where it's warm!"
  • I'm anxious to see how this new week unfolds.  My intention is to bring love to the space surrounding me, show compassion to those I come in contact with and ask God to lead me throughout the day.


Syd said...

Good for you on the diet. Pammie, 900 calories a day??? That isn't much at all. As long as you are happy and healthy.....

Mary Christine said...

I don't think you would like living in Colorado. At all.

I think I will emulate you and try to bring love to the space surrounding me today. Thanks Pammie.

Patty said...

Ditto what Mary said about bringing the love today! Congrats on the weight! I know how hard that is. I have been doing weight watchers on line and have lost six. I am not gaining for the first time in two years! Nice to hear some good stuff about sober daughter. Your love and support mean the world to me. Thanks so much :*

dAAve said...

Good stuff.

Annette said...

Good living Pammie. Yeah, 900 calories?? My God in heaven girl. I would surely perish! You must be a tiny thing to begin with. I am a "big farm girl" looking creature! I at least need 1400.
Did you notice that I used your bullet format on my last post. I got that from you...nice and neat and tidy. Love it. I always love hearing about your daughter. "All things crystal." ;o) Bless her heart.

Lou said...

I believe in crystals, the moon, energy vibrations, etc, for making babies. The old fashioned way (daily) can't hurt either.

Walking is God's Lipitor! Glad for you.

Mary LA said...

Healing vibrations and love going to you, though I am no good with crystal energies either --

Marcia said...

my boss is younger than me. He's not an expert in my field but he's good at bossing stuff.