Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Today has got to be better

I have a fascination with fancy or just unique laundry rooms.  I've always wanted a "special" place to do laundry.

Every day brings some new and unexpected catastrophes to sober daughter and I have had to bite my tongue over the last few days to keep from writing about them here. At this point, writing about it is making it bigger in my head and so I need to back off from that right now.

So, for this day I've planed a lunch with my sponsee who just picked up her 18 month chip.  I am going to another sponsees house at 7:00pm tonight and we are starting a BB study.  I am going to give my all at my job today. 

My daughters' pain has become my own. For me, it is bringing on an intense need for relief.  I am a drug addict and I understand what relief feels like.  I am also a child of God and I understand the relief I get when I go to him for comfort, when I work with another addict, and when I seek his will instead of seeking Ray Ray on the corner.

I really NEED today to be better than yesterday when both daughters reached out to me in pain.

If I need a better today then I have to be the one to make it so.  I can't just "hope" to feel better, I have to take action.  And I will.


dAAve said...

I'm pretty sure it will happen.
Because you want it.

Mary Christine said...

Be kind to my friend Pammie, OK?

Mary LA said...

Love to you Pam, hoping the daughters feel better soon.

Christina said...



Syd said...

I hope that things will be better too. Sending good thoughts to you and your daughters

Annette said...

It is so overwhelming when all the kids hit you up on the same day with some struggle they are going through. I love your last sentence. I hope today was everything you needed it to be. Bless you, you sweet thing.