Thursday, January 19, 2012

No Particular Order

1.  One of the blogs I read each morning has gone private, with no instructions on how to join. 
2.  I took Syd's suggestion on changing the comment format and we will see if that works here.
3.  My job is at a frantic pace right now and I notice myself thriving in that environment...hmmmm.
4.  Years ago, a man I still work with told me that once a month he turns over the stack of papers on his desk and makes a decision "right or wrong" about the piece that has worked its' way to the bottom at that time.  I have adopted that habit and find that the "I don't know what to do with this" issue gets resolved, right or wrong and I feel so much more capable of attacking new things.
5.  I spend or waste I should say, many hours of my life trying to figure out the exact "right" way of doing certain things. I wish sometimes that I would just do it.
6.  I sat in a very important meeting yesterday with a very important man and pronounced his name wrong the entire time.  Damn it.
7.  I can not even begin to fathom what God is thinking but I have faith that my name is mixed up in there somewhere. 
8.  I have the desire to do my very best today and I'm willing to take the action.  I let God know my intentions and ask for his help to get there.  That's all I know to do.


Marcia said...

I think I will adopt that idea of turning the pile over. I like that.

sorry about the name. People pronounce my name wrong sometimes, I usually correct them immediately.

Syd said...

The format works for me. I changed to the pop up also. It is old school. Nothing wrong with that.

i don't spend hours worrying about the right thing anymore. I just do what is the true thing and that seems to work.

Mary Christine said...

I am now left with four days to finish everything I have at work. I have found stacks of papers from 2002 on my desk! I knew there was old stuff, but 10 years old? Holy crap. That is a good idea to turn it over - in more ways than one.

Lou said...

It's all good, Pammie Pecan Gap!

Mary LA said...

I can understand why a blogger would want some privacy in crisis, but it is sad to cut yourself off from support.

Hoping I can post now --

Patty said...

Yay! Pop up works! People pronounce my last name wrong all the time, for some reason they put an "e" on the end of it. Shame on the person for not setting you straight from the get go. I am glad blogger is working again because I really missed coming here :)

dAAve said...

God calls your name every day and you often write about it.

Barbara said...

Pammie, I was just coming over here to ask you to please send me your email so I can add you to my blog list. I need to send you an invite that gives you access to it. I hope you still want to read it!
my email is

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

<3 and that's that!