Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm Going to Need God Today

A.  Sober girl had the first of 3 days of allergy testing yesterday.  She is so grateful to have the insurance now to do this.  I am staying out of the fact that she is driving across town with a patch on one eye in a city with millions of cars on the road.  The last time she had this done, she was 13 and too drunk or high to get to the office each week for the shots.  I'm grateful we are not there!

B.  My "can't stop talking" sponsee is going through some awful family crapola and can not hear me when I try to direct the conversation back to baby steps, asking God to hold on the problem so she can sleep at night, finding her part, working on small solutions for the moment, etc.  I can not make someone hear when they can't or won't.  At least she was honest when she told me "stop suggesting things that require so damn much work on my part." 

C.  I'm going to need God today.  There is nothing out of the ordinary about to happen, but I've lived through all the stuff my sponsee is going through and did all the hard damn work to get through it.  All the work yielded one conclusion that never changes and that is that I'm going to need God today.


Syd said...

I have a new sponsee who is going through some deep crap. But he is willing to listen which means that we may get some progress on the steps. Fear closes the ears, I know that much.
Have a good Friday, Pammie.

Mary Christine said...

Bless your heart Pammie. We can't hear until we can hear and I know you know that.

Barbara said...

Anthony has a huge tattoo across his chest that reads "God Called in Sick Today" Its so untrue.

dAAve said...

Maybe (her) God will give her a hearing aid.