Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dull Brain

I'm hoping for some free time to sit and figure out why some of you can't comment, why Lou has problems with the text, why I can't post pictures, etc.  Free time is hard to come by these days.

I went to sponsees house last night for BB study, but she could not seem to stop talking about herself.  After two hours of it I finally had to say that I needed to leave and we had never opened the book.  This can not happen again.

I have a convention fundraiser to go to this weekend that I'm kind of sort of looking forward to.  The 3 speakers slated for the day have never told their story so I'm not sure why they were chosen for the fundraiser but I may be surprised.  The food being served/sold for the day is nachos and cupcakes.  Yeah, we're a weird bunch.

I think I'll stay sober today and not smoke crack.  Every thing else is a piece of cake.


dAAve said...

test comment

Anonymous said...

test comment.

nachos and cupcakes
set out for tea
nachos and cupcakes
sound fine to me

Syd said...

You are a little cupcake, Pammie. Just sayin'.

Syd said...

Cupcake, I think this may be the problem--the comment box is messed up. Try using the old method of the pop up form or full page. Here is what Blogger says:

We're investigating reports of users not being able to comment on IE8/9 from the embedded form. We hope to have a fix out shortly, but in the meantime we encourage admins to switch to either the full-page or pop-up forms which should be working without issue.

Thanks for your patience, and we'll make sure to update this post as soon as we have more info.

Mary Christine said...

I totally ruined my blog last night trying to get this "reply" feature on my comments - like Pammie has.

Mary Christine said...

Cupcakes and nachos, wow. Have fun my dear little lilac bud.

Anonymous said...

In the words of Whitney Houston, "Crack is whack."

Have a great day Pammie!

Lou said...

As long as we can read you, screw the comments (although I much prefer the pop up box of yesteryear).