Thursday, November 3, 2011

I would like to thank the little people

I went out to eat with a group after the meeting last night.  I rarely do that anymore and I had a wonderful time.  A woman with a year sobriety asked me to sponsor her last night.  I know all four of the sponsors that she has had so far and according to her "none of them know what they are doing."  This could be interesting.

I'm going to my daughters' house during my lunch break today and we are going to make a priority list of doctors and meds and such.  She's in fear and won't walk more than 5 steps away from the HEPA filter machine. 

We had a town hall meeting at work yesterday to hear the big dawgs talk about profits, share holders and new jobs coming down the pike.  Every month they announce an employee who has done something magnificent and they get a white envelope with "something" inside.  I sat for an hour during the slides and mentally rehersed how I would walk so humbly to the front of the room for the white envelope and thank my department for all their support.  Good grief.  I had myself so convinced that by the time they announced the "real" winner I was in shock that it wasn't me.  This morning, that's funny as shit to me.

Stay sober today if you want any kind of shot at tomorrow being better.


Syd said...

I used to tell myself it didn't matter about the recognition at work--but some days it did. Now I am out of all of that and am glad to be done. Have a good day, Pammie.

Mary Christine said...

I had a long chat with an old friend at work about recognition. I was not expecting to have a 62 year old man in my office crying.

How hard is it to just say "good job?"

Marcia said...

You do something magnificent every day

dAAve said...

This blog deserves a white envelope.

Lou said...

Your work sure has a lot "games." You have those bowling parties, chili parties, envelopes, team building, and other stuff I remember you writing about. Like ALL the time!

what's up with that? We have a once a year holiday party and that is it. I wonder if my workplace is odd or if your workplace is odd.