Friday, November 4, 2011

My car has a butt warmer

How funny that my whole life is summed up in one splat of pink paint!

Young man at meeting last night, early 20's with the huge ass holes in his ears, bizarre hair, metal things in lips and nose, raised his hand. He spoke so eloquently about his addiction and recovery.  He verbalized thoughts that were my own and that I have never been able to translate from thought to English.  He even used the word exponentially.  He touched my heart and once again reminded me not to judge a book...etc.

I made a spiral notebook into a "body" book for my daughter and yesterday on my lunch break we sat and wrote out doctors names, phone numbers, med lists and such.  I cut out and pasted a picture of a brain for the psych. page and eye for Ophthalmologist and lungs for Pulmonologist and so forth.  She has chronic health issues with almost all her body parts. She showed me her sternum (?) area that is bruised from the chest compressions they did this weekend in the ER when she had no pulse.  When in fear....I take action, even if that is just cutting out pictures and making a little book that will help her keep track.

It's butt ass cold in H town this morning.  My car has a butt warmer....ahhhhhhhh


Annette said...

Oh Pam, the beautiful love of a mama for her baby. My car has a butt warmer too! Aren't those something...who thinks up these things?!

Anonymous said...

You sound like a very kind mother. I like that about you.

Syd said...

I don't have a butt warmer, except for a couple of cats that crawl under the covers.
Nice to not judge but hard to do sometimes. Have a good one, Pammie.

dAAve said...

I don't think your whole life is summed up in the splat of pink paint.
Not judging people by their appearance goes against all of my instincts.

Mary Christine said...

You are such a wonderful mother. I am so sorry that she has bruises from that trauma. But so glad they were there to do that.

Lou said...

You are working with her in a way she understands. It takes much patience..and love.

It takes a whole lotta love.