Thursday, November 10, 2011

  • I had an exhilarating day at work yesterday where I foiled a crisis in regular clothes without the need of a cape or sword.
  • I've eaten an entire jar of pickles that my neighbor canned himself with his Mamas' recipe.  It had jalapeno and cloves of garlic and was delicious.
  • A lady down the street who likes to comment every time a blade of grass inches over any ones walkway had a break in at her house this week.  It was a friend of her teenager and he was looking for some weed.  Interestingly enough, the cops found what they said was "years" worth of dog feces covering every square inch of floor in the house!  And that my friends, must be how she keeps her yard so perfect.  Ya never know about folks.
  • New sponsee is growing on me.  Hey...that could be a song title.
  • I bought one of those tomato cage things at my hardware store last night.  My husband welded the three prongs together, I wrapped in little Xmas tree lights and made a beautiful Xmas tree for my front porch.
  • Want some fun?  Buy those bottles of bubbles with the plastic wands inside, put a few drops of food color in the bottle and blow the bubbles on white paper.  They pop on the page and leave beautiful colored circles and some of the circles will drip down.
  • I boiled Orange peels and Cinnamon in my kitchen last night just to help me enjoy this little cold snap we're having...ahhh Divine.
  • Stay in the day.


Mary LA said...

That little tomato cage Christmas tree sounds beautiful.

Lou said...

You and husband are kickin' ass with that welder.

Syd said...

Nice idea about the tomato cage. Wonder if I could add lights to the ones in the garden and have some kind of Wonderland there.

dAAve said...

I think you're gonna have a wonderful day.

Mary Christine said...

One time I had a little pot of orange peel, cinnamon, and cloves on my stove - just to make the place smell good. One night I came out of the bathroom and found my boyfriend with a spoon, sneaking a taste of that concoction! He said it tasted terrible! I told him it wasn't supposed to be eaten. Silly guy.

Last 100 Days as an Alcoholic said...

I have a confession - our bin overflowed in the kitchen just TODAY! and there were maggots crawling across the tiles! HOLY SHIT! And I came from such a good family and all that!
So I went and got a couple of chickens and they pecked at them a bit, but more likely just sort of looked at me funny cause I had let them into the kitchen in the first place!
So, yeah, it happens to the best of us sometimes....

Annette said...

No cape or sword? What were you thinking? Now you are no longer an incognito super woman!

Dog poop everywhere? Oh my gosh!! yuk! Poor baby, she is broken and now everyone knows.

You have motivated me to start getting out my oils and cinnamon sticks and cloves and all that stuff. Once I clean my kitchen real dog poop though, I swear.