Friday, November 11, 2011

Fun Day for OCDers

At last, the perfect wine glass.

To all my fellow OCD know damn well that we will be doing every thing possible not to start our stare at the clock at 11:09, knowing that two minutes is a long ass time when you are staring.  That we will be trying hard not to blink in case we miss the click from 11:10 to 11:11.  That we will actually start saying a mantra of "don't blink, don't blink."  Embrace this my friend, learn to find the humor in this compulsion.  We will have a victorious moment when we manage to keep our eyes focused and see the clock change, but the victory will be short lived when as always the itch is never scratched and the mundane hour of 11:12 follows so quickly.

Stay in this wonderful day and wallow in your own uniqueness.


Mary Christine said...

I'm hoping to be napping at 11:11.

Hope you have a good ONE, or 6.

Mary LA said...

That wine glass design is going to bother me for hours. If you tilt it too much, you risk spilling wine unless you sip and some of us would rather gulp. And each time you set it down, the wine would run out of the glass back into the bottle and if you turn the bottle right up over your mouth, you will get wine up your nose. But it has a certain appeal. even if it isn't practical and perhaps the bottle should be linked by a small hose to a 50-litre vat of wine discreetly in the background so the occasional spill would not be a tragedy.

OCD, moi?

Let Go, Let God said...

I missed 11:11 a.m. Perhaps I'll get another chance this evening. It's never too late for a second chance.

dAAve said...


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

NICE! :)

Syd said...

I missed 11:11 and did not even think of it. That is a heck of a wine glass.