Monday, October 3, 2011

Wear a proper bra...K?

Today is the first day of the fiscal year for my company so there will be new goals, new initiatives and for me, a new boss.  I don't know who it is yet though which is odd.

Today is my brothers birthday.  He is five years older than me and reads this blog.  There are many things I've written through the years that I would not want my children to read but nothing that I would want to hide from my own brother.  That is a blessing.  Happy Birthday're very old.

We are having cool mornings which is kick ass fabulous when you've been through months of harsh heat and drought.  It could just be God waving an ice cube through the Gulf Coast wind because it may not last.  Ladies, when the weather gets cool, wear a proper bra...just sayin'.

I went to an excellent meeting last night and may have picked up a new sponsee, we'll see. 

I'm ready to start this day with a clear sense of what I want out of it and what I need to bring to it.

I will be kind to others unless they are really them...I will give the stink eye.


Syd said...

I have learned to give the stink eye now. Loving this cool weather.

Mary Christine said...

Happy Birthday Jerry!

My brother reads my blog and sometimes it changes what I would write. He is such a good man, sometimes I have scandalized him, and I just hate that.

Lou said...

Oh Jeez, the whole family reads my blog. I think they have accepted I can't keep a secret.

Mary LA said...

I'm always startled to find out who reads me. That stink eye is powerful stuff.

Annette said...

I started my morning with a good laugh, thanks to YOU. Thanks Pammie.

Kristin H. said...

Anybody in my life that I've told about the blog doesn't give enough of a damn to read it.