Thursday, September 29, 2011

Starting Over again and again

I'm tired tired tired this morning so I'm going to post in bullets:
  • I had my review yesterday and it came off sounding like I knew what I was doing. whew.
  • Day 3 diet. Success.
  • My friend whose son stabbed her to death in a drug induced craze is now on suicide watch in the jail.  As it turns out, the law has some kind of provision to keep the murdered persons family from visiting you in the jail, but for him it is his family too and so he has no support in facing what he has done.  The family of course, is having a difficult time sorting out their own emotions in all of this.  So heartbreaking.
  • I'll be so glad when my friend whose husband left her yesterday, gets to the extremely pissed off stage.  Her sadness is hurting my heart.
  • Dave blogged this morning about being grateful that he has learned the art of starting his day over anytime.  This got me thinking about myself (of course) and starting over.
    • First husband dies and whoa do I start my life over and it revolved around learning the art of getting as high as possible.
    • Second husband runs off with another woman and I go back to what I learned about getting as high as possible and re-invent my life again.
    • Third husband leaves me at the alter and I'm already high on crack during the wedding so I just stay high until the day I get sober.
    • Gods grace pours down on me, I get sober, and boy howdy talk about starting over!
    • I guess we can start our day over or our life.
  • For me, it starts every morning when my alarm goes another chance.


Lou said...

If I could not start over every day, with faith that God is leading, I would have given up long ago.

Mary LA said...

Beginning over and over and over is a way of life for me -- thinking about your friend's son in prison.

Mary Christine said...

I love the way you look at things Pammie.

Syd said...

Thank goodness for new starts daily and all the chances we get in life. God's grace is evident in it all.

I am sure that your friend will get to the pissed off place. She is grieving the loss.

Annette said...

Pam....thank you for the reminder. I needed that.