Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Goodbye Relaxing Days

I dabbled in several projects this weekend but completed nothing.  I'm quite OK with that because the fun was in the dabbling.

I also watched two strange movies on TV channels that I did not know I had.  I enjoyed that too.

My husband and I (at his insistence) practiced fire drills and home invasion....what to do stuff.  It seems that with every scenario he would come up with, my instinct was to jump out of the window.  He was trying his best to convince me to look at other ideas besides sailing out of a 2nd story window.

I'm not really happy about going back to work this morning because in case you haven't heard, I've got this hair cut that is coloring the way I feel about myself. 

I did not hear from any of my children over the 3 day weekend which convinces me that they are all very very sick and don't want to worry me.  It could possibly be because they were all having a good time in their own lives of course, but I will go for the first scenario every time.

I'm going to ask God to help me show up for someone else today since I've had enough time over the last 3 days with me.


Lou said...

I recall you using 2nd story windows as your first line of defense. I like your husband. I also have who is careful, plans ahead, and changes the batteries in the smoke detectors before they need it. We are blessed they do that..so we don't have to!

Syd said...

Make sure you learn how to rappel out of that second story window. Have your harness and rope ready!

dAAve said...

Kinda messy with that blue paint, dontchathink?

Mary Christine said...

Oh dear. I would not like having fire drills at home. I always remember an old Vietnamese man in the movie "Good Morning Vietnam" who said "I would prepare to die." That is my favorite response.

wf: cataterd - seriously?

Mary LA said...

No advice from me. I just worry about protecting my dogs.