Thursday, September 8, 2011

Feeling Pretty Darn Good

OMG....I have been sick as a dog!
I got hit out of the blue with an awful sinus infection and an asthma attack from hell!
I sat up all Tuesday night knowing I needed to go to the ER but not going because.....I don't know why.
But I got some good meds yesterday and a shot and a new breathing machine and a new regiment of asthma meds and I feel so much better this morning.

I have two out of state trips over the next few weeks, one for work and one for the fellowship.  I'm already forced to go with this damn hair cut, I at least want to be able to breath.

I have managed to keep four new plants alive that I bought this past Spring even though we have had no rain for the entire summer and temps well over a 100.  This is unusual for me because my basic theory is that I provide prime real estate for their roots and the rest is up to them.  I water them every morning and night except for yesterday when I just could not move.  They look dead this morning and I'm about ready to set my boundaries with them because the stress of their lives being in my hands is getting to be too much.

I am grateful to have gotten a good nights sleep. 
I am grateful that my sweet husband waited on me hand and foot and that my neighbor brought me a big bowl of home-made banana pudding.

I am going to hit the shower, curse my hair and go back to work.


Syd said...

Whew, glad that you are okay. That must have been scary. Take care and don't worry about the plants. I kept most of ours alive, but it took a lot of work!

Mary Christine said...

Can you get someone else to fix up your hair? Life is too short to have bad hair - especially when you are traveling.

Glad you are feeling better Pammie.

Lou said...

Yumm, banana pudding. Haven't had that since childhood. That was how Moms got rid of bananas that were going bad!

I wish you and your family would stop getting sick.

Marcia said...

Yeah, I'm with Lou. I wish you and your family would stop getting sick! :)

dAAve said...


Gabriella Moonlight said...

Glad you are breathing and that always helps. Have you thought of a temporary color (the 28 shampoo) type to just add some drama or texture to the hair cut?