Monday, September 5, 2011

I am Feeling

I love being home on a Monday!  It feels like I'm playing hooky.
I went to a great meeting last night.  I feel re-newed.
I went to a movie on Friday night (The Help). I felt entertained.
I went to  lunch with my husband yesterday.  I felt special.
I'm nursing a sore throat but it's not too bad.  I feel a little puny.
I opened some bills that I have "playing like" weren't laying there.  I feel brave!
My husband took me to the scrap yard yesterday and I picked up some metal for a new project.  I feel artistic.
I am doing laundry.  I feel domestic.
I may take a nap shortly.  I feel relaxed.
I am clean and sober today.  I feel blessed.


Marcia said...

Glad you are feeling! I love being home on Mondays too.

Lou said...

Feel the feelings, girl!

Patty said...

Glad hubby is home and taking his best girl out to lunch. I read your post and I feel happy!

Syd said...

A lot of good feelings, Pammy. You inspired me today.