Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I had a scare on my drive home from work yesterday, bad chest pains that caused me to pull off the road twice.  I made it to my doctors office which was closed, considered calling 911 from the parking lot but that seemed embarrassing so I drove home.  It all went away.  My husband stuck with me all evening like a fly on that sticky paper hanging thing.  I sit here this morning drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and wondering "what the hell?"

My husband is watching the financial news like a teenage boy glued to a video game.  I'm obsessing on some different textiles for an art project.  The dog wants both of us to quit our jobs and stay home with him.  He is the only one making sense.


Mary Christine said...

Pammie, please go to the doctor today, OK?

Syd said...

Take it seriously, Pam. My wife had a heart attack in late February. She doesn't smoke and isn't overweight. Genetics and clogged arteries. Get checked out--no fooling.

dAAve said...

see above

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Go to the doctor. make an appointment, it is very important. I agree with the dog too!

Anonymous said...

Get things checked out. The dog is right, Great Danes know best. My dog thinks I should just run around in the garden all day retrieving a ball for him. He is teaching me to 'Fetch' and to make more room for play in my life.

And sometime Pam I think you should make more time for your art and hold an exhibtion or take a course or something?.