Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just a Few Things

OK....few  things.
  1. I decided to be a non smoker.  After I posted my blog yesterday morning at 5:00am, I stood up and declared to the empty room "this is stupid, I can't breath, I'm going to try again."  So far so good.
  2. I called the doctors office yesterday and I have an appointment Friday morning.
  3. I have picked up a few of my unfinished "spirit cloths" that were tucked away, to give my hands something to do.  I was so inspired a few years ago by  fiber artist Jude Hill, she hand sews bits of cloth to tell a story and calls them spirit cloths.  I pick mine up and work on it from time to time.


Mary Christine said...

Congratulations on being a non-smoker! That is awesome. You will feel so much better (after a couple of days).

I'm also glad you have a doctor's appointment.

I want Pammie to be around for a long time!

Lou said...

Quitting smoking is the single most change you can make to impact your longevity.

Mary LA said...

Rushed off and Googled Jude Hill -- spirit cloths look beautiful and inspiring. I have some samples of mud cloth from Mali and woven beadwork made by Zulu women but have never done any of this kind of work myself.

Love the new smober Pammie.

Marcia said...

good for you!

Syd said...

All good things. I am especially glad about the smoking and the doctor's appointment.

Mary Christine said...

Thinking about you this morning Pammie. <3

dAAve said...

Read the book.
Read the book.

"The Easy Way to Stop Smoking" by Allen Carr

Read the book.
Read the book.

kel said...

Today I am 49 Days nictone free!! I have put on a few pounds but I feel great and everyone is telling me hoe great my skin looks!! I guees it loves all the extra oxygen it is getting! Hang in there! you can do this!