Thursday, July 7, 2011

Working it Out

  • My husband is home, he is tired and has a bunch of new meds and doctors appointments.
  • I saw a piece of paper on the copy machine yesterday that should not have been there.  It is a new ORG chart that shows my co-worker becoming my new boss at the end of summer.
  • My blood pressure for the last two nights has been 165/110.
  • I have that overwhelmed feeling that comes on after a crises is over.
  • I have been practicing procrastination as if a prize lay at the next level.
  • WHOA there...I can see that this list could turn into a major woe is me.  Hold on kids (self therapy) let me go to back to the top.

  • My husband is much better, he's home and has some new meds and doctors that may be able to help prevent this again.
  • My co-worker will be my new boss?  He is younger than my daughter yes, but I like him very much and he is smart smart smart!  We get along well and I believe he is qualified for the position.
  • There are plenty of blood pressure medicines out there and plenty of doctors to prescribe them.  I need to find a doctor (thank you God for health insurance).  I also need to actually make the appointment and GO .
  • It is natural and not at all an "addict/alcoholic" thing to feel overwhelmed after a crisis.  Jeez it's great to be like a normal person.
  • Procrastination is more of a habit than a defect.
  • whew.........going to shower, pray and work now.
  • goodbye.


Mary Christine said...

Make that appointment today, OK? Thanks Pammie.

Anonymous said...

I second what Mary Christine said. Now.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

All in favor: "AYE!!!!"


Over the years I've been witness to a lot of material that should never have been public in jobs, I seem to have a spirit of finding things out before they happen.

I'm grateful for some, it has presented me with composure where I wouldn't have had it otherwise (dramatic/emotional blah!)

Now I just consider it a gift from God to get 'the committee' settled down before the event.

Glad you like your new boss-to-be, that helps a lot!

Glad too that hubby is home and on the mend!

Anonymous said...

I love how you turned a gripe list into gratitude. Thanks for that today :)Time to take care of Pammie now, K? Maybe take a little time to float in the pool or strum the guitar? This is your personal (almost) nurse speaking!

Anonymous said...

i love this post.

Syd said...

Thanks Pam for turning the negatives into positives. Take care of yourself as there is so much stress after a medical crisis. I know that you know what to do.

dAAve said...

That's great; the way you turned it around.

Annette said...

Pam, please go to the dr. today! Seriously.

Lou said...

It's all in how we look at it! thanks..

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