Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I am grateful that pain medications made me puke...as Forrest Gump would say "one less thang."

I've had four different women call me in the last week who are dental hygienists and strung out on pain pills.  I'm guessing that they weren't graced with the "puke factor" or like so many of us, they just worked their way through that.

My co-worker and her husband have moved into a new home which included a new school for their 13 year old daughter.  Yesterday they went to enroll her in the 8th grade which is middle school or Jr. high depending on where you live.  Anyway she is a beautiful girl (1/2 Korean-1/2 Colombian) and we were all so nervous yesterday about her chances of getting beat up.  It's middle school where you must not be different, where you must know the rules of who likes who and other such nonsense.  It's the voters for American Idol for goodness sake.  She was a nervous wreck about every strand of hair on her head, her make up, every item of clothing, her ink pen and fingernails and everything in between.  This is the kind of stuff that hurts my heart!  She said her best chance of getting through the day would be to stay near the white kids because they were usually interested in her "unusual" look and would at least give her a chance unless some cute boy happens to talk to her then she would be terrified that the cute boy was adored by other girls who would then beat her up for stealing his affections.  So...instead of giving her the "be yourself darling" speech, her poor parents were having to tell her the best way to place a punch and run like hell to the office if it comes down to that.......otherwise..."be yourself darling."

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Syd said...

After having dealt with a bunch of 8th graders this week, I can say that it is a much weirder age than I remember. I hope that she got through the day. These are mini women now, not little girls anymore. And the boys look like either 11th graders or are little pipsqueaks.