Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lousy Blogger

I'm a lousy blogger and house keeper.
  • Yesterday was my sober birthday.  Twenty-two years.  Thank you God.  I practiced compassionate living for the day and felt at ease when I went to bed.
  • My two daughters are haveing an extraordinary bonding experience over the new baby.  It is awesome to watch and has done my heart good.
  • My oldest grandson graduated from the 8th grade this week.  He was accepted into a magnet HS for science and engineering and he is a precious sweet boy.
  •  I went to my first Tai Chi class on Sunday.  It is an hour drive both ways (I live in a big ass city).  I joined the class as an avenue to help me love myself.  My lungs are screwed, yet I continue to smoke like a burning house.  I've gained fifty pounds yet I continue to eat whatever I crave.  I am trying to find ways to love my body and lungs again.  So, I'm practicing what I learned on Sunday.  I've started walking again, and I have set a calorie goal for each day.  So far, so good.
  • Letting people be who they are continues to be my biggest stumbling block in life.


Syd said...

Happy sober anniversary, Pammie. It sounds as if you are on the right path with loving your body and taking care of yourself. Good that your grandson is going to a science and engineering magnet school. We need more scientists!

Mary Christine said...

Happy Birthday Pammie. You are 22! Awesome.

I am so glad you popped back up. I miss you when you are gone.

I am sucking as a housekeeper too lately. It is icky. Maybe we will both get it together.

I should look into Tai Chi. I need to do something other than running.

Much Love to You.

Grace-WorkinProgress said...

Congrats on the b-day. It is hard to love yourself but I think that is my lesson here in this life. I mind is constantly telling me why I don't deserve love.

I have to tell myself I have done my best even when it wasn't good enough for myself or anyone else it was still my best at that time. Why is that so hard I am not sure.

Annette said...

For some reason, this post made me cry, right here in Starbucks. I think it was that line. "Letting people be who they are continues to be my biggest stumbling block."
Me too.
Happy Birthday Love!

Mary LA said...

Congrats Pammie on 22 amazing years!

I do a sort of clumsy T'ai Chi for Idiots and love it -- balance and stretching, good stuff.

How is the story coming along?

Jacque Gabrielle said...

for me too...letting others be who they are..esp if it's somebody i care about. And grateful for each day that i get to try again.

p.s. You are not a terrible blogger!

SOBERBOOK said... is a safe, anonymous place where ALL people can tell their stories without having to attach a name or face to the words. It is here that you will see chapters about finding recovery, overcoming obstacles, mending relationships, achieving happiness, following dreams, and much more. The goal for is to create a community of support, camaraderie, and hope for the future.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Ive been thinking so much of my old blog friends lately. I just wanted you to know someone out here is thinking of you and wishing you well. I moved from Beautiful South Carolina back to Michigan last year and I don't blog at all anymore, but wish sometimes I could still see and hear the words of those people (like you) who have been so instrumental in my early sobriety and my growth into the fellowship. You are loved and prayed for Pammie! :) <3

Your old blog friend

~Jessie R.

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