Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Still hangin'

First...........thank you Lou.  Really.

OK, I could not find the New Post button this morning!  I hope I am back to Blogger, even if it means short posts for awhile.

Friends........I don't know exactly what is wrong with me.  I had pneumonia bad.  I can not seem to bounce back though.  I have not been to work in over 3 weeks and believe me that feels so so weird.  I can now stay awake for about 3 hours at a time before crashing asleep.  I can go without the oxygen for hours at a time now as well.

Yesterday I woke up from a sound sleep, knowing that I had to have chic-fillet.  I got into the car in my pajamas (?) since the chic-fillet is about 1 mile from home and a drive thru.  I have not driven since I got sick.  How hard could it be?  Oh good have to be so in tune with the "moment" to drive.  Damn stop signs and other people on the road and turn signals and just lots of thinking.  I almost made it there and back without incident.  When I pulled back into the drive way, I somehow got the passenger side of the car stuck on the metal rain spout thing that comes down the side of the house.  It put a DEEP scratch all the way down the passenger side of the car.

I have now put on 24 lbs. since all this started.  I have been on huge amounts of steroids, plus no smoking for almost a month now and food seems to be the only thing that is "good".  I eat huge jars of peanut butter at one sitting.  I'm sort of tired of the neighbors telling me that I don't look like myself.  My face has the "steroids" look also.  What.....don't you think I have a mirror?  I understand that this is all temporary, even if it seems like forever.

I've been hit and miss in reading you guys.  I'm having a hard time processing anything I read.

I'm not really sure what God has planned through all this but I know that it will lead to good things that I have not even thought of yet.  Hell, I've already quit smoking.

You guys are so wonderful for checking in on me.......thank you.


Syd said...

I'm glad to read you today. I hope that you will feel better soon. I don't know what to say Pammie, other than I am thinking of you and hoping for a good day for you today.

Mary LA said...

Wish I was there to go and fetch your whatever-it-is chic-fillet for you and put invisible filler on that scratch in the side of the car.

Take care Pam, I miss you and just want you to get better. Love and prayers.

StaZ said...

I'm glad no one was injured in the Chick Filet Incident of 2012. Loving you and so happy to see your post today. Tell the neighbors they don't look that hot either... XOXO Stacy

Annette said...

Oh pammie. Very scary. You are loved! It's ok to take it slow.

Kary May said...

I'm going to put on my nurse's cap, talk to your doctor about checking you sodium levels, an imbalance can cause confusion also ask if they tested you for Legionnaire's, not likely but still doesn't hurt to ask.

Just keep getting better and don't worry about anything else.

luluberoo said...

You are in my thoughts every day.

Hope said...

I am so relieved and happy to see a post from you Pammie. I often think of you and then pray for you.

Big hugs (typed big bugs - oops) but gentle ones across the miles.

Smoochie love too.

SoberMomRocks said...

Please feel better soon. Prayers are on the way and you are in my thoughts. This sucks!


Mary Christine said...

Pammie my dear, it is so good to see a post from you. You are in my prayers every single day. Please take care and tell your neighbors your friend Mary from Colorado will come and kick their butts if they don't be nice to you!
xoxoxoxoxox, mary

Anonymous said...

A first time reader on your blog. You make me laugh. I do hope that you are doing better with your health, because, because ... well, it sucks not being healthy. (Otherwise I don't know you from Adam.) Any how, I enjoy sober blogs and I stumbled across yours and wanted to say "hi" ... as opposed to lurking and never saying a word.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Love you Pammie, it's good to see your posts again! I've missed your bloggy goodness!

I'm adding prayers to yours that God continues to hold you in the palm of his big ole hand and that Theo keeps you loved with his big ole body and doggy goodness!

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