Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Morning

Ya know how 100's of germ infected people touch slot machines and escalator rails and then get on an airplane too?   Well all the germs of all those people made their way to ME.  I had to miss work yesterday and go to the doctor for a butt load of medicine and a shot.  I feel a little better this morning.  My co-worker had to go to the doctor yesterday too, and she tested positive for strep.  For me, there is always some sort of damn pay back for having a good time.  Every single time that I am sick, I always lay in the bed thinking how I forgot to feel extremely grateful for good health when I had it, and because I am such a drama queen, I assume that I'm NEVER going to FEEL GOOD again.

Theo shunned me when I came home this weekend. He does not like any kind of change in his routine and me being gone was a HUGE change for him.  If you have a small dog who shuns you when their feelings are hurt, then it might not be that noticeable, but when a Great Dane wants you to know that they are upset with you, they will do one of two things; sit, facing you and then plop their big nose down between their paws and look straight down, or sit right in front of you with their back facing you and turn deaf.  Theo sat with his butt on my feet and proceeded to "not know" I was there.  Baby talk begging for forgiveness about how awful I was to leave him, will finally cause him to fling his big ol' 175 pounds into my lap and grant me absolution.  He is family and all his feelings are valid for him.  I'm just so grateful he decided to let me remain in his home that I go to work for every day.

I'm grateful to feel much better today than I did yesterday.  I'm going to work.


Mary LA said...

The thought of being shunned by my huge Great Dane is unbearable, Pam, and I really mean that. As you say, you can't overlook being ignored by a gigantic dog good enough to let you stay in his home under his protection.

Get well soon.

Mary Christine said...

Glad you are feeling well enough to go to work to keep Theo's house for him!

Your dog is bigger than my dog.... but not by much.

bugerlugs63 said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I also forget to appreciate my health until I'm ill . . . Then I make ridiculous promises to God (which He knows I won't keep) to stop smoking if my breathing get better.
Thanks for reminding me to not take good health for granted x

dAAve said...

I'm going to read Theo's blog and get his side of the story.

luluberoo said...

Does Theo drink Coke?

Anonymous said...

You, Mary, Mary Christine, and I are all Big Dog People.

And when Ginormous Cow Puppy has his nose bent out of shape, he goes for my socks. I'll come out of the shower and find he made his way into my sock satchel and decorated the house with every single one.

My kids are still young and are therefore carrier monkeys. I get the first of the year school sickness like clockwork.

InteriorCastleDweller said...

LOL there's nothing more dramatic than a big dog (or in my case a big dog in two medium sized two headed Cerberus, thing 1 and thing 2 type bodies tellin ya what for.

Glad you're gettin to feel better, sick sucks!

Syd said...

My dogs don't shun me and they don't pout. I think that's because the hounds and the Labradors are so forgiving.

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