Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Short work week yahoo

Three day weekends are really not for me.  I avoided any housework except laundry.  I took two-four hour naps.  I stayed home.  This morning, I feel like doing some stuff around the house but NOOOOO, I have to go back to work.  I did lay a brick border around a long plant bed, dig a new hole for my banana tree, and did my 3 mile walk every day.  Last night I walked 3.5 miles in 97deg temps.  That's hot even by a Gulf Coast girls' standards.  I love my pedometer.  Soon it will be dark when I leave for work and dark when I come home so I don't know how I will get my walk in.

I bought my first sports bra.  Excuse me.......awesome!

If I had the time and was so inclined, I would like to look up the origins of how the theory came to be about not holding your feelings in.  Ya know, how people say "if you hold it inside it will blow up, or kill you, or make you sick" or something like that?  I just don't think that's a universal phenomenon.  I don't think everyone needs to let their feelings out...........it's not like urinating for heavens sake.

OK, my unique and odd assortment of blogger friends......hold some of your feelings in, wear a sports bra and walk and pray.


Mary Christine said...

The latest research says that letting your feelings (especially anger) out causes more problems than trying to control yourself. In the 60s and 70s, they told us to "express ourselves," probably not a good idea for me.

Congrats on your new way of life. You will find a way to keep it year round, but it will take some effort. Yay for sports bras!

luluberoo said...

Walking in the dark just requires a big stick, or pepper spray, or a fierce stink eye.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

:) Makes lots of sense...restraint is more productive at times than any 'letting it all out' ever could.

Have you ever tried as hard as you can to go to a therapist or have a 'discussion' with someone and try try try to get them to understand your feelings... i've come away feeling MUCH worse after those attempts.

Have a fantastic day!

Mary LA said...

Stravinsky said 'What diminishes constraint diminishes strength'.

Pam I grew up in a very buttoned-up society and restraint of tongue, keyboard etc still comes easier to me than telling anyone what might be going or shedding tears, raising my voice, screaming with outrage etc.

Good or bad is beside the point. A nice loud scream needs to come out every once in awhile.

dAAve said...

Can I get a sports bra at Marshall's?

Annette said...

Buying a sports bra that holds the girls in is almost an art form when you have big girls...this I know.

We need to all pitch in and buy you a headlamp!

I'm no good at holding everything in....so right wrong or indifferent, I let it out. Sometimes, on a really good day, I think it through first. Those are beginning to happen more and more I am happy to say.

Thanks Pam for giving me so many ideas to ponder this morning. Yay you on the walking! It feels good, huh.

Marcia said...

i have my sports bra on! and I'm about to put my dorky headlamp on so I can go for a run IN THE DARK. :)

Syd said...

Don't hold it in, Pammie. Good to do Breath of Fire when stressed. Walking 3 miles in 97 degree heat is dedication.

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