Wednesday, August 29, 2012


  • I sang Hark the Herald Angels Sing.....about 200 times yesterday.  I have no idea why.
  • Walking in the evening, in 95 deg. temperature is kicking my ass.  Last night the heat got to me and I only made 2.88 miles.  I did see a turtle and a dog licking a frog though.
  • One of my son in laws was tested for west Nile on Friday.  No results yet.
  • My ex husband is in treatment again.  One of my kids told me that this was his 17th time.
  • My husband started a new business about 6 months ago.  He now has more work than he could possibly do alone.  He's hired two people and that still doesn't cover it all.  He's exhausted but enthusiastic.
  • I bought a pair of Tommy Hilfiger boots yesterday for $6.00 at the Goodwill.
  • I have lost 16 pounds and am finally fitting back into my regular old clothes.  It's like getting new stuff in the closet.
  • A lady at work put a GPS in her first graders backpack this week on the first day of school.  I wish the others would stop making fun of her because it's hard to send a kid to 1st grade and we all cope as best we can.
  • We are having a bowling party for our fiscal end of year at work.  We do this every year and close the office at noon and rent out a bowling alley, have lunch catered and win prizes.  There is 150 people in my office.  The theme this year is the '80's.  There will be prizes for the best group costumes, high and low scores etc.  Of course, I wore maternity clothes for the '80's but whatever.  My boss is on my team and he just happens to be in the bowlers hall of fame.
  • In two more weeks is my trip to Vegas-YAHOO.  There are 69 of us going (from work) for our annual training.  We all have our own suite at the Venetian or Palazio or something like that.  I have a short presentation to do on the 2nd morning there at 8:00am.  I'm hoping everyone is hung over 'cause I'm mean like that.
  • OK that's all.  Goodbye.


Mary Christine said...

Sounds like lots of good stuff coming up. I am so glad I have a treadmill, 95 degrees would keep me inside.

luluberoo said...

I knew you were secretly losing lots of weight and not telling us about it!!

Mary LA said...

Will you be singing Sheena Easton at your '80s bowling party, O Skinny Malinky?

Does Mary ever forget anything...

Annette said...

16lbs! Whoo hoo! Good for you! It feels good, huh. I'm happy for you! I was preg in the 80's, the 90's and my last was born in 01! We just didn't know when to call it a day!

dAAve said...

Good to hear from you.
Does the hubby need more help?

Patty said...

Hi Pammie.

Beth said...

I bet more people wish they put GPS in their kids' backpacks. A little boy in my town got confused and went to a whole other school last week. The police had to listen to the pings from his cell phone to find him.

Syd said...

Nice, Pammie. You are doing great with the weight loss. Lots of good stuff coming your way. I like looking forward to a trip. I have one in mid September to go to my high school reunion. Not exactly Las Vegas but should be interesting.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I know the holy hot stuff feeling. We've been doing 1.5 miles each day at lunch and come back to the office SOAKED. Luckily we're not the kind of office where we see anyone but ourselves (hey, I just found a reason to like the isolated office atmosphere I'm in) YAY GOD!

So much to look forward to!

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