Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Monday Bo Bonday

Last night was the final meeting of my home group before our hospitality suite this weekend for the convention.  We will serve four different meals this weekend to 400 people.  Bring it on.

I spent the entire day Saturday working on my Workshop....True Humility Through Making Amends.  I am not satisfied with it and will come home each night this week to tweak it.

I walked 3 miles Friday night, Saturday morning and Saturday night.  Yo.....I can walk 3 freakin' miles.

Last night at my home group birthday, a young (very handsome) man stood up for his one year chip.  His name is Tate and I feel very bad about that since it's so close to Tater, but oh well......anyway he said "I felt like I was home for the first time with you people and then when Pam who is...ya old person knew how it felt to come down off crack...I knew I could do this thing."  LOL

I feel so blessed after a birthday meeting that I found my way to our beautiful program.  Who would I be without it?  Would I "be" at all?


Mary Christine said...

"Pam - an old person" OMG. I think you SHOULD call him Tater.

Annette said...

Well if you did 3 miles Saturday morning and then another 3 miles Saturday evening... that is a 6 mile day my friend. Tater....still has a few things to learn about public speaking and that you NEVER call a woman "old." EVER. But since it was his birthday night...we can let it slide, this once. But you are out there makin a difference Pam, teaching young men that they too can live a crack free life. Wow! Not many people(of any age or gender) can say that.

Anonymous said...

I will always remember Marie S. saying in a lead (regarding growing old in recovery): "You will be able to wear a wiiiide brim hat with tennis shoes in the middle of the afternoon....and no one will notice." Said in her thick Oklahoma accent, it just cracked me up.

Old shmold. Tater Salad will get there soon enough.

dAAve said...

Hey there, young-un!

luluberoo said...

Thank you for that workshop theme! Some addicts think "not using" is all that is expected of them.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Mary. Maybe even Tater Tot

Mary LA said...

Your workshop will rock, Pam. Even Tater might learn something new.

Syd said...

You aren't old, Pammie. I really think that age is so relative. Tate was a bit on the insensitive side but he is still learning. One day, if he is lucky and has what it takes, he may be an old timer.

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