Wednesday, June 13, 2012


  • I have decided that 21 years sober is a great start and I think I will continue this path of rigorous honesty and striving for a daily dose of Gods' will.
  • Husband is finally home from Alaska.  He brought me several thoughtful gifts from his trip.  It was nice to hear his breathing on his side of the bed last night.  Theo is all up his butt and I have been cast aside.
  • He was only home an hour when my clutter free home became "man made" chaos once again.
  • I am following several criminal trails like soap operas right now.
  • Tonight is my home group meeting which I have missed for weeks.  There is drama going on within the group and I find power struggle drama to be so very boring.  Maybe I'll go and maybe not.
  • OK my fellow to hit the shower and then talk ugly to my hair as I'm trying to force it do something.


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


My hair cannot be forced to do anything, though there was a time in the 80s that with chemicals and a great deal of work it could become a wall of ... well it was the 80s you get the picture.

Even with the chaos it's nice to know they're there breathing next to ya isn't it?

XOXO conquer the hair Pammie!

Mary Christine said...

Pammie, thank you so much for being so reliably YOU every day.

I hope you have a wonderful day and that your hair obeys your every wish and command.

dAAve said...

LOL @ criminal trails. I know it's a typo, but it's a cool kind of irony.

Patty said...

LMAO at Theo! Hair behave!!!

Kary May said...

Hmmm...a Great Dane up your ass cannot be a comfortable situation. Congratulations on Day 1 of Year 22!

luluberoo said...

Well I would have liked to know what the presents were. In our house we call it bringing back "prizes". I don't know why...

Skip the meeting and get your hair trimmed? Just sayin'

Syd said...

I like that you are doing some criminal trails now. What clues are you leaving? Good soap opera stuff.

Mary LA said...

Fickle Theo. I think 21 years is a great new beginning! Love reading you Pam

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