Monday, June 11, 2012

Twenty One

Just the awe of it is overwhelming.  Not Gods' limitless abilities of course, but that he would show up so faithfully every single day.

It's a sweet morning to wake up on my sober birthday.  Twenty one years and still surprised by it all.  I stand as a witness that "God could and would if he were sought." 

I do not take this day lightly.  I am consumed with gratitude and joy.  I am not the woman I was. 

So many people say they have worked their ass off to get and stay sober but that is not my story.  I know what work is and this journey has been nothing but showing up each day and thanking God for his mercy and grace.  OK, maybe trying to please God and figure out his will for me everyday can sometimes feel like work but then I remember that self centered crack head with one goal in get high no matter what the pain was to anyone around me.

It is a good day to be sober.  Be kind to Gods children, he loves us so.


Anonymous said...

You squeeze every ounce of awesomeness out of this day, Pammie. You deserve it. God is good.

Mary LA said...

Twenty-one years sober Pam! That is amazing.

Hope said...

Happy birthday Pammie!!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Happy Happy SoBerThday Pammie!!!!


God does and is!!!

I'm so grateful for your blog, for the connections made through and around you as we all have traveled this particular road together! I'm grateful every day for friends like you!

luluberoo said...

Your story of 21 years that you tell on an (almost) daily basis here has helped me a great deal.


Anonymous said...

Feeling grateful right along with you, Pammie! So glad you are still here sharing :)

dAAve said...

I bet God is grateful that YOU show up faithfully every single day.

Happy Anniversary Pam. Thanks for making H-town a safer place to drive.

Syd said...

Pammie, happy sober birthday to you. You are an inspiration to so many.

bugerlugs63 said...

A very happy 21st Anniversary. What a beautiful post.

Annette said...

So very happy for you. Happy Birthday Pammie. Bless your heart for sharing your life here with us. I for one, am eternally grateful.

Marcia said...

21 years sober. That's awesome.

Mary Christine said...

Oh Pammie, Happy Birthday. I am so grateful that God found a way for us to have shared a chunk of our sobriety together. You are so important to me.

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