Friday, June 15, 2012

Learning how to post a picture from phone

  •  Theo sleeping behind me this morning in the office. Taken on my
  • There was a bat floating in my pool yesterday.  I find that fascinating for some reason.
  • I have made a hair decision so I guess we can all stop fretting about that.
  • Tomorrow is an annual fish fry/speaker jam at one of my favorite meeting places.  I need to show up and participate but oh how I love my weekends at home these days.
  • Enjoy your Friday.


Kristin H. said...

Why, honey, you have a pony in the study! Such a handsome guy.

I love it when we get clarity on the hair. I've made an executive decision to do absolutely nothing about mine this week because I want the extra thirty minutes in the morning to screw off.

Mary Christine said...

My God! That dog is freaking humongous!

A bat in the pool would freak me out.

I want to know what you're doing with your hair.

I love fish fries. Never heard of one in conjunction with a meeting.

Did I ever tell you I work with a woman from Texas - If I close my eyes, she sounds just like my friend Pammie. If I open my eyes, all resemblance is gone. But yesterday she called me "Darlin'"

luluberoo said...

The large canine is frightening.

Have a wonderful time at the fish fry. I like meetings with food.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Fish Fries are a favorite of mine and not just for the alliteration. The Food can be out of this world and having a meal where greasy fingers are a given thrills me no end !~!

Here's hoping Theo's size in relation to that stunning leather armchair is a trick of photographic perspective.

Mary LA said...

Lovely warm room, enhanced by dappled dog dreaming of turning into a chihuahua.

Poor little bat.

I hope it is not a radical hair decision, I make those from time to time and hair does not grow overnight.

Kary May said...

Found a bat in my bathtub once, it was more terrifying than that shower scene from Psycho! I love, love, love all those books, can I come browse?

dAAve said...

I'm sorry the bat decided to use your pool to commit suicide in.
Maybe Theo scared him.

Kitty said...

when I read "bat in the pool" my brain went to a baseball bat and I thought "I didn't think that would float". duh!

Marcia said...

omg. Really, seriously, that's all I have to say. :)

Patty said...

Yay! Love the big guy.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I wanna do a fish fry speaker jam! LOL We've done some wicked great seafood boils in conjunction with AA Group Anniversary celebrations.

That big ole baby looks like he's just the sweetest!

I would also be completely fascinated by the bat. We had little bats flying around above the yard last night while we were doin' the bonfire/bbq last night. :) Natural bug repellent

Syd said...

Great photo of Theo and that rug is cool too. Look at the books! What do you read?
Fish fries are great for summer. We have oyster roasts in winter and fish fries in summer. They are a lot of fun.

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