Wednesday, May 9, 2012


If you are not an alcoholic or an addict or the parent, grand parent, spouse, child or sibling of one, then you don't get it.  Actually, you don't get it that you don't get it.  All the parties above get it that you don't get it.  There.

I priced the real estate in Key West yesterday.  I'm hoping that some of you have more to sell off than I do.  I also know that some of you have no experience with hurricanes and I don't want to have to listen to you screaming like a bunch of girls at the wind and trees blowing down the streets. I still want to go though.

My son in law found a folded dollar on the street and he picked it up and put it in his pocket.  Later, he discovered that someone had smeared it first with dog poop then folded it neatly.  I don't know why but I'm sure someone was probably sitting close by to see who picked up.

Ok........I got nothing but hope today. 


Syd said...

I'm all about the wind--well, maybe not of the hurricane variety. If we can't buy a house, we can all rent one for a week. Can you imagine the fun?

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the comments. I don't get it either.

As evidenced by the dollar bill, the world is strange, and that goes double for the internet. I wouldn't still be posting if there were not more of you that do get it than not.

I would say more but you know us Alanons. We are wishy washy about hurting feelings...LOL

And if Florida doesn't work out, we'll sent him to Texas:)

Kary May said...

I am an alcoholic, I love Key West, and I've been through a hurricane there, so I guess "I get" all of it. It was Hurricane Michelle in 2011 and I was living on my boat tied up to the docks at the Schooner's Wharf Bar aka The Dog Bar. I say go for it, check out some of the cool houseboats for sale down there

Watch out Conch Republic, here comes Pammie!

Mary LA said...

It always scares the shit out of me when I talk to therapists or doctors or social workers who don't get it and still deal with alcoholics on a daily basis.

I would be one of those screaming like a girl and curling up under the bed in a hurricane.

Annette said...

Ohhhhh I love big windy storms! I think I'd be ok. Maybe. I mean if the roof flew off I'm sure I'd get a little nervous.....
Lol poor son. Who does that?!
Pam have a good one and thanks for the laughs!

dAAve said...

Oh. Crap.

Kary May said...

Oops! Hurricane Michelle "2001" not 2011. I was drinking a lot so the first decade of the millenium kind of runs together.

Her Big Sad said...

Hey, a dollar's a dollar... i'd drop it in the washer and spend it with glee. Yes, I'm cheap. :)

And I love the idea of a week .... if we can't actually move there for good. Even with a hurricaine. It would be so awesome. I'd be the crazy lady baking granola and muffins in that recovery coffee house. The one everyone stopped at after their sunrise/sunset meeting on the beach. Sigh.

Mary Christine said...

I think I can bring about 35¢ to Key West. Maybe we can pitch tents?

Marcia said...

Ok, I've never lived through a hurricane. I promise I won't whine.

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