Saturday, May 19, 2012

Big Bold Statement and a Picture

OK...this is a piece of my back yard that gets very little sun because of a big ass Oak Tree that we love. The grass won't grow, the ground is mostly hard clay.
So, what you are seeing is this weeks after  The middle part is a sheet of black stuff ola that keeps the weeds from growing.  I chopped and hoed and chopped some more. That is small landscaping wood things on the side, the front is one of those metal things that you can bend the stake into the ground.  In front of that is broken slate (still using slate left over from pool building years ago) and then chunks of slate in front.  OK....... today is dirt mixing and labor....I can't wait!  Start trying to guess what I'm building here. No, it's no kind of water feature.....I have enough water in my back yard.



Mary LA said...

I have no idea what you are going to build there, most intriguing. A throne for Theo?

Good on you sweetheart for putting down the smokes.

Carol said...

Hi Pammie. I am new at this and created a blog:

I'm trying to connect with others who have a problem with alcohol. I'd appreciate a follow and feel free to share my blog name with others. Thank you.

Annette said...

Ohhhhhh YOU! I am so happy you put down your cigs. What a huge step toward health! I will be praying that each day you can keep putting them down again.

I was thinking if that structure wasn't right near the fence, it would be a great fire pit area.

Thats all I've got....if its not a water feature, or a fire pit, then what???

dAAve said...

I agree that it's a fire pit.
It's certianly not a 1956 Cadillac.

Kary May said...

So a it's not going to be a gigantic ashtray? I guess you could fill it full of hosta instead of butts. Maybe some periwinkle, I love periwinkle.

It's going to look wonderful without the cigarette butts and so are you.

Syd said...

Maybe a barbecue thing for outdoor cooking?? I was all over the water garden until you nixed that.

Glad that your lungs are smoke free!

Mary Christine said...

Oh Pammie, I am so happy that you stopped smoking. As long as you don't put a cigarette in your mouth and light it, you can stay that way!

SoberMomRocks said...

Hmmm...a meditation garden? Ooooo....that would be so cool.

You're a non-smoker! Doesn't that sound great!

Hey if I could do it then I KNOW YOU CAN!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Oh oh oh keep posting the pictures so we can see the progress!!! I love that youre creating a surprise!

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