Thursday, May 17, 2012


My mornings have been "off" all week and I have had no time to blog.  I have taken the time to read y'all of course......please...I'm not completely out of balance.  Annette, my last hold out against all the runners out there has succumbed. I'm very proud of her but now she'll be one of those popular girls and I'll just be the one behind the school smoking pot.  You better still wave as you run past girl!

My new boss, the young guy my daughters age and in the next cubicle, was irritated on the phone yesterday and he slammed the receiver down very HARD.  An hour later, I had diarrhea. Anger mixed with loud noises will take me back to a whole other era in my life and my body has yet to catch up to my healed spirit.

Hey, one week from today, I'm going to North Carolina for 4 days to see my brother and sister in law.  I'm so looking forward to the visit.  I love them so much.

I'm compulsively working on a little area in my backyard (this time I will take pictures!) and you may not know this but old dried dog poop can sometimes be mistaken for regular dirt when you're down in it.  Just sayin'.


Patty said...

I am not running yyet girl! I can totally relate to phone slam. I hate to say it, but I still get jumpy when I hear my husband pull in the driveway after work

Mary LA said...

I once had to work with a man who punched walls and that made me ill.

Since Great Danes generate so much poopadoop, it has to be considered organic almost-earth, right?

Annette said...

Oh Pam... I just love you! I'm not a runner though. I just ran 1 time. Lol I was never the popular girl either.
I think the term for what happened to you is "scared shitless." I have had that experience many times during this journey. A friend so tactfully said, "it's when everything in your body turns to water."

Syd said...

Pammie, you will be one state away in NC. How cool! Maybe you will connect with Ginnie. Anyway, I don't use dog turds as fertilizer but have put my hands in some nasty stuff while gardening. Can't wait to see photos of your gardens. Cooking and gardening for me--who would have thunk it?

Lou said...

I will be checking in with you regular; I don't want to miss a Pammie-ism.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

YAY North Carolina!

Missed your posts!

Have a fab weekend Pammie


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