Friday, April 6, 2012

Poles and Cakes

I think if I remember correctly, we used to have Easter dinner.  None of the kids called to ask if I was cooking so I guess I don't need to worry about that. Whew.

I've been in bed every night before 9:00pm this week and that is good living.  My job is very stress filled with deadlines these days and I'm just plain old tired each evening.  It ebbs and flows like every thing else in life.

Did everyone but me know that the pole in the topless joints is actually a pole inside of a pole and the outside pole spins independently?

Are y'all making the 3-2-1 cakes at your house?  We call it the cup-o-cake.  You pour one box of any ol' cake mix in the whole wide world and one box of angel food cake mix together.  Just the dry mixes.  I keep mine in a clean Folgers container.  Take a coffee cup, put in 3 tablespoons dry cake mix, 2 tablespoons water and microwave on high for 1 minute.  Perfect cake for one.  I mix chocolate chips in, which sinks to the bottom while cooking and when you turn the cup upside down on a plate after cooking, the chips make a little chocolate icing.  My neighbor uses butterscotch chips and nuts and then caramel syrup after cooking.

Enjoy your day. 


Mary LA said...

No wonder I couldn't pole dance with pizzazz when I was drunk and spinning on street poles. Damn.

Syd said...

I will try out the pole the next time I am in a topless joint. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Never gave it a thought, but I guess that would prevent blisters.

3-2-1 cake sounds delicious.

Anonymous said...

The girls at the mission taught me all about pole dancing.

Kary May said...

Ah-ha! That was the problem. I used to say that I danced with poles or trees instead of men because they didn't spin me too fast of dip me too low, but I still fell down.

Kitty said...

what a cheat! I tool a pole dancing class in Las Vegas with my girlfriends and the poles were just poles, it was NOT easy.

Annette said...

That pole information many of my unanswered questions. If its any comfort....I didn't know that either.

Pam.....I can't make that cake! I'm on a diet!

Mary Christine said...

Your recipe is something I need to wash right out of my brain right now! I do not need to know things like this!

bugerlugs63 said...

That would explain a lot (the poles).
I keep trying to "follow" your blog, but for some reason I don't get notified of new posts? It's the only blog where it's happened. Any ideas anyone?

Anonymous said...

My guess is that the pole thing is a new development because 18 years ago that wasn't the case. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Happy Easter!

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