Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Me

Every time I let my guard down, Monday shows up again.

  • I'm having some irrational relationships with all my new plants in the backyard.  I'm worried about their feelings or something and feeling that their lives are in my hands and I can't let them down.  It's yet another way my guilt can play out.
  • I can not explain humility to my "talks to much" sponsee.  She drank for two days and says that God has let her down.  God will not make her ex-husband stop being an ass so the conclusion is that God is not powerful after all.  
  • I wish I could have one day where I wasn't trying to "cope" my way through something.
  • I'm grateful that I don't have young children to care for.
  • When I was making life choices in my 20's and 30's, I wonder what the heck I was thinking?  I seemed to have been operating under no other power but fear.  I was so deceived by that monster....fear.
  • I am easily deceived.  
  • I am grateful today to have plan. 


Mary Christine said...

Challenging sponsees. I guess they help us grow. I get real grateful that I am not "stuck" in some craziness. But sometimes I just want to say "call someone else with your bullshit, OK?"

Syd said...

Fear is something that seems to be the biggest flaw in humanity. Humans are driven by it and yet aren't aware.
Hope that you have a good Monday, Pammie. I miss your comments on my blog.

TMagic said...

I wish I could have one day where I wasn't trying to "cope" my way through something.

Oh,me too. This morning my husband was urging me to put today's particular something into perspective. I'm tired of having to always put things in perspective. Just one day. I need a break. I like you good lady.

dAAve said...

I like those first 2 bullets.
Have a Pammie Day!

Mary LA said...

Pam I have been driven by fear most of my life.

That sponsee sounds very funny. I do know she is not funny to deal with, but I know women just like her who come into meetings after a relapse and God is to blame for EVERYTHING.

Lou said...

I'm easily deceived also, but I guess I'll take that over being stone hearted.

It's not too late to have a baby you know...the new cut off age is 65!

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