Monday, February 27, 2012


I showed my ass outside a meeting last night by getting into an argument with the same and only guy I ever get into arguments with after home group meetings.  Everyone leaves shell shocked not knowing that he and I always come to a conclusion, make amends to each other and hug before leaving the parking lot.  Last night I sent a text to everyone that was standing around that if they had stuck around they would have been able to see how to fight, back up, use the principles to sort it out, make amends and hug.  I found out this morning that he sent an almost identical text.  Sigh.  I hate "acting a fool."

I took a 5 hour nap yesterday.  I was astounded at first but when I looked back at the week and remembered the nights that I only got 4-5 hours sleep, I decided to trust my body to get what it needs and not to beat myself up over "squandered time."  How fortunate am I,  that I had no early commitments yesterday and could sleep.

Lots of family stuff going on right now and I have to remember that this blog is not my diary......damn.

15 Pounds down since Feb. 1st .  Water is my friend.

I will ask God this morning to accompany me to work and back home again.  I will not call in sick to avoid a screw up from Friday. 

I will be thankful for who I am and what I have. I will not look around at others to compare blessings, gifts and financial rewards.

I will strive to please God and know that falling short does not mean failure. 

Blessings to all this beautiful Monday morning.


Mary Christine said...

I wish those folks had stuck around to watch the program in action. And I am glad you shared it here.

Have a great Monday Pammie.

Syd said...

I have to remember about the diary part too. Wow--15 pounds--awesome for you, Pammie.

Kitty said...

I wish i had a five hour nap, that sounds delicious.

Patty said...

15 pounds! So jealous, I know what hard work that is. It has been a long time since you have used the phrase "showed my ass." Still cracks me up! And yes, thanks for sharing it!

dAAve said...

You are right-on this morning.
Thanks Pammie!!

Lou said...

I would like to see you show your ass, then work the program to resolve the issue. That would be a good memory.

Annette said...

15 awesome and I am jealous too. All I have to do is do it so its my own fault.

Isn't it great to be able to have conflict and not have it destroy and damage? There is always room for restoration.

Bless you today Pam. I have to keep in mind what is ok to share and not share in my blog too, since I am a big blabber mouth about my own stuff. I want to share it all....but thats not always such a good idea. I can hurt other people by doing that. :o(

Patty said...

Well the joke is on me now Because I showed my ass, but was able to resolve it in a loving way, thought of you after my assiness passed...LOL

Marcia said...

I have to remember not to compare blessings too...good for you on the 15lbs.