Monday, January 16, 2012


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Yesterday, a young man that my husband has befriended because of their mutual love of hard work and entrepreneurialism, and his young girlfriend came over for the football game.  It was interesting.  My neighbors on either side were in and out as well. No one was drunk but everyone was quite buzzed. I get tired of that pretty quick.  The food however was fabulous.

I left for a meeting as everyone was heading to the garage to play with the plasma cutter (yikes.)

The meeting was on acceptance and I always think it's funny how you can tell when someone got sober by which page number they refer to (449 or 417) in the BB about acceptance. Paul's experience can be a valuable "share" just as any other members'.  It is not however, required reading.

One of the members of our group went out over the holidays and is now in NY doing who knows what.  He pawned and sold everything for a major "run."  During the last year he had been sharing with the group about his son getting out of prison and how he was so grateful that he could finally be a sober father and help his son.  The son got out of prison the week after Christmas, came to his fathers' house to find it emptied out.  Last night the son came to our meeting in tears wanting to know if we had heard anything from his father.  It was very sad.  

I am ready to start a new week as a sober responsible person and I have the exact same disease as that young mans father.  

Thank you God for all you have given me!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Pam, Nice to be able and comment on your blog. I can relate, sounds like my house on any given day, including the plasma cutter, LOL.

Mary Christine said...

I once burned page 449 out of one of my big books. I think it is so abused. On it's face, it is OK - but like you said - one guy's experience. I have seen people do the most insane things and quote "And acceptance is the answer to all my problems today." Yikes.

Sorry about your Texans and my Broncos. We can watch the game next week and hope the Ravens and Patriots both lose!

Annette said...

Very sad story. And yeah, that buzzed situation would be too much for me. Glad you had a solution for yourself and went to a meeting.

Syd said...

Really sad, Pammie, about the father who is on a run. I hope that he comes back in before the son has to bury him.

Anonymous said...

That bit about the man in your group just breaks my heart. Such a delicate balance our sobriety is. A daily reprieve.

Lou said...

Well, I was going to leave a comment, but I could not get the picture of MC burning a page of her BB out of my mind.

tearlessnights said...

that story about the father & son is tremendously sad.
why do we often choose such self-sabotaging behaviors?
as my husband, Mr. M says they always say in his meetings "when someone else goes out for me, I can see that Yes, the indians are still outside the fort and if I go out, I WILL get shot - and hopefully come back, and when I do, I will have arrows in my a$$ and others won't have to go out because they will learn from me".