Sunday, January 15, 2012


That was fun.

I installed FireFox and now I'm Foxy.  Thanks Scott W. even though my foxiness has no effect on you.  LOL

I can't however post pictures but I will figure that out.

Getting ready for the Texans game.  I'm making the old tried and true beef, cheese and rotel tomato dip in the crock pot, and my exceptionally delicious shoe peg corn with cream cheese, butter, and green chilies, and my famous baked beans with bell pepper, brown sugar, and bacon.  My husband is doing chicken on the grill.  After the game I'm going to my home group meeting and then group conscious. 

I've been quite pissy about blog issues, plus my husband bought me an iPhone and I'm in a world of hurt trying to understand the damn thing.

I shall return in the morning as usual to my blog and yours.  I'm grateful that this has been fixed and my world is right side up again!


Mary Christine said...

Glad you're back on Blogger. And you will love your iPhone once you get used to it. I LOVE mine.

Lou said...

When you have time check out fixefox add ons. I have ad block, ghostery, lastpass, aniweather to name a few, but there are lots of useful (and fun) ones.

Your post font is normal size, but your comments are still very small. Maybe Scott W has a suggestion for this?!

Annette said...

Whew...thank God your back!!

Syd said...

I now use Google Chrome which seems much better than the foxy Firefox. Just sayin". Glad that you have it right though.

Marcia said...

I use Google Chrome too. I like it. :) I also like my iPhone! Glad you're back.

Anonymous said...

Well, thank you divine universe for getting everything squared away! LOL

I really truly hope you love your new iPhone. I love mine.

(big hug)

Scott W said...

Glad I could help, but I have no idea as to why your comment font is wonky. BTW your foxiness is never wasted, anywhere!

Windows Live Writer is really the way to go, it's super easy and consistent.

There are tutorial videos on Apple and YouTube showing all the bells and whistles on your new iPhone. You will love it. Feel free to ask me any questions.