Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Morning

  • This is my last day off work.  Yahoo.
  • I expect myself to work in the house but maybe I should lower my expectations.
  • So good to see grandson last night.  Why is his hair so funky?  If he wants it that way fine, but if it's because no one will take him to a barber....well that hurts my heart.
  • Both my adult daughters said "you used to be much more layed back." Of course everyone was sitting and I was getting cake and ice cream ready.
  • That really hurt my feelings.  I'm not sure why though.  I think because it felt disrespectful and I always gauge those kinds of things by what I would say to my Mother.  I led by a better example than that I can tell you for sure.
  • I will put Christmas stuff away today, and get some laundry done or maybe just get all layed back and hope everything takes care of itself.......hmmmmm. ;-)
  • 2012 has a nice ring to it.
  • Sober girl has an eye appointment on Friday but she can not see to drive and I hate to take off work in the very first week of the year so I hope God sends and answer for that one.
  • I need to show some love today, to myself and others.  Love is love whether you are giving or receiving all feels the same.
  • Staying in this day should right size all my worries and I can do damn near anything for just 24 hours.


Lou said...

No one can hurt my feelings like my daughter.

We got on the subject of us women (me, daughter, my mom) relationship driving home after Christmas at daughter's house. Andrew said "Well, N (daughter) was throwing her temper tantrums as usual, your mom was getting you all flustered as usual."

And the men just sit there and watch TV.

Syd said...

I like that the men just sit there and watch TV. Some women can be vicious. It seems I know more of those than I do vicious men. Not sure what it is about, but maybe it is just how the brain is wired. Pass the remote, please.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

:) Grateful for these posts more than I can say :)

Marcia said...

"Love is love whether giving or receiving" I like that!

Anonymous said...

Wow, how much more layed back could you be? I do not like the idea of your feelings being hurt especially after all you have been through in the last two+ weeks. I hope you have a great Pammie day today. I would love to come over and help you take all the Christmas stuff down today. Also you crack me up with your anticipation of "head in bucket" stories. Can you believe that some of my classmates are already sharing such stories on FB, under their real names, wonder what will happen when the powers that be realize this?

Mary Christine said...

My daughters know me better than anyone, and they have the ability to hurt me like no other. But I think that is also love - just the cloud inside the silver lining.

dAAve said...

I bet you can't hold your breath for 24 hours. LOL
Don't try.

Annette said...

Now see, that whole laid back thing would have pissed me off and it would have been because while I was up serving everyone, and while they sat and no grown adults offered to help, they chose to criticize me. I can understand your hurt feelings. And yes, daughters....thats what was happening yesterday here at my house. Thank you for your comment btw and I agree! How silly is that whole keeping my own side of the street clean idea when it pertains to miss 19 year old fancy pants, "its my decision Mommmmm." But even though I agree it never works the way I hope it will. That they will smack themselves in the forehead and say, "Mom, you are so wise, I knew I should have listened to you all along." Love you Pam. You are laid back plenty, you are a giver and you teach us each and everyday to love others right where they are at. Bless your sweet Texan heart.