Monday, December 19, 2011

Don't tell your Mother every damn thing

Dear younger women, do not tell your Mother every fault and harsh word your husband says to you and then expect your Mother to act normal around him........just sayin'.

I went to a meeting last night in a "high dollar" rehab and every one was moaning about missing Christmas.  They have no idea how many peaceful Christmas dinners will be had without them.

I made up several horror stories in my head last night about what could be happening at sober daughters' house since she did not contact me at all after our morning conversation.  I hope it was imaginary.

Today, I have the cocoon of work to run to and I'm so grateful for that.  I got a raise on Friday and completely forgot about it until last here is a belated...YAHOO.

I liked the young woman who lead the meeting last night, she talked about the 12 steps being the solution to a life of addiction.  One gentleman said "whoa there Hon (this is Texas ya know) I'm paying a lot of money and some of it right out of my pocket, for this treatment facility to be the solution."  She looked at him so sweetly and said "well.....Surprise!" 

It is a long journey we are on, the daily inventory, the constant motive watching, and the vigilance to honesty. The rewards are so sweet though aren't they?  I am ready this morning to be with God for the day, to talk to him about my fears of sober daughter, my tooth that needs fixing, my gratitude for my job and husband and home.  He is my confidant, my soother of nerves.  He is the giver of grace that makes my sobriety possible and it is his strength alone that keeps me from doing what comes natural to an addict like me.


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful day Pam, and I hope you get into the dentist to get that tooth looked at before the holiday weekend.

Syd said...

LOL on her comment to the Whoa Hon dude. Love it! And glad that you are spunkier today. I can tell it in your writing. Yahoo on the raise, Pammie.

Mary Christine said...

Well, surprise! That's awesome.

Annette said...

Love her response....and congratulations! Yay Pam!

dAAve said...

That's hilarious about the treatment center/solution.

Barbara said...

You inspire me, Pammie.

I relate to what you said about your daughter saying too much. Reminds me of my best friend telling me all the horrible stuff her husband did and said to her, I hated him for it and then she ended up not talking to ME for 6 months because I bad mouthed him. Ha.

I also wish my son would never tell me his drug stories.

Congrats on the raise!!!!!

April said...

HAHA I paid for rehab also but that sure as hell wasn't the solution. A piece of the puzzle for sure, but NOT the solution. That is funny :)

Lou said...

I'm always complaining about the Dad. He is so sweet, he doesn't even mind all my complaining about him;) He loves me, no matter what. That is a really safe feeling.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

More than once I've been in treatment centers where we (the group) have expressed that the center, while it's a nice time to be removed from society and realize what this disease is (get a little more education) is only a brief stopping point before they hand you a meeting schedule and say, it would be a good idea to go to meetings.

Praying for your daughter today!