Friday, December 30, 2011

And now it's Friday

I have off work today and it feels like there is more work at my house to do than there is at my office.

Sober girl was teary yesterday but I think her body is just so tired from pain management and being married to  asshole that guy.

I dropped my phone and now I can only call or text away from my house.  It will not work in my home or yard.  Is that crazy or what?  My husband and I went to the phone store last night to look at changing our phones and plans.  Oh good grief!  I now know why young people are having so many problems leaving their parents home, the price of technology and the dependence on it must take most of their paychecks.  The salesman kept trying to talk up the advantages of watching a movie on your phone.  Why would any adult sit down somewhere with a telephone and hold it in front of their face and watch a movie?  Of course, I asked him this question and he said "I don't, but I hand it to my kid when he won't sit still and be quiet."  Oh, a new generation of dependence on technology. sigh.  I said "I just used the stink eye on my kids when they were young and they would sit still and be quiet when necessary."

I am going to my art room in a minute with my sage and lavender smudge sticks ablaze, to sit in the quiet and talk about this week to God.  It has been an emotional roller coaster with flashes of physical and heart felt pain and grace.  I want to take the time to say thank you after taking so much of his time to plead my case.

Lets' hand out some love today in any way we can. K?


Mary Christine said...

I'm handing out some love to you my friend!

Thanks for your steadfast faith.

Syd said...

You have my love, Pammie, and my gratitude. The stink eye--I got that phrase from you and use it occasionally! I have an iPhone and love technology. But I think that I learned social communication by speaking when I was young. I didn't learn to type until I was in high school. And I still prefer to speak to people and not text. I believe that the future generation will have few social skills.

dAAve said...

Bless you dear.
One minute at a time.

Trailboss said...

I will surely hand out as much love as I possibly can. It is so good for the soul.

Annette said...

Bless you Pam, have a wonderful new years weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm that person that watches videos on my phone. I work up to 10 hours a day with a lot of down time between clients. After 10 years, I'm burnt out on books at work. Netflix streaming to my phone is bliss.

I'm happy to read things are looking brighter in your life :-)

Lou said...

Enjoy the boy, he will never be this age again.

Hugs, kisses, and a snowball to your butt from here.