Thursday, November 17, 2011

No hangover

Two women at my company use crazy fonts and colors for their signature and yesterday I thought I was going to have to quit my job to keep from screaming at them about it.  How in the world does this concern me?  Why in the world would I decide to focus for half an hour on their ridicules signatures?  When the wave of pissyness was over, it was over.  This obsession with someone elses crap happens to me sometimes and I just have to breath my way through it.  I think it's a character defect of my ego getting too big for its' britches.

Our precious speaker had note cards last night and in the last 5 minutes he said "then I got sober."  The first time telling our story can be very difficult.

I went out to eat with the young people and had a wonderful time trying figure out how they could eat through all the facial piercings but no one seemed bothered by them.  They were all very interested in talking about a few of the Traditions and I was thrilled with their thoughtful questions and interest.

Stay in the day, its very promising so far.


Syd said...

I have been to speaker meetings in AA where the what it was like part takes up 45 minutes. Maybe God wanted a recantation.
Glad that you had a good time with the young people. LOL on the facial piercings.

Mary Christine said...

I love to hear what it was like. And new speakers do that a lot. I think it is cute.

I work with a woman who sends e-mails out with each line a different pastel color. It really takes work to read them.

Lou said...

Maybe pastels would soften the "tone" of my emails.

Ya' know, these kids today are alright!

Marcia said...

we cannot make up our own signature. It has to go through legal and compliance first, then marketing, probably the POPE too, for all I know...standard size, standard colors.... boring!

Simon said...


Just came across your blog, via the Grace. (Not who, but what....)
You rock. You are awesome. Keep it up. Keep it going. Hold steady. Thanks for being brave and fierce. Stay beautiful and strong.