Friday, November 25, 2011

Day After

The pic is squashed down canned Cinnamon rolls to be used as a crust for apple pie. No, I know nothing about this but it fascinated me when I saw this picture.

Yesterday was lovely, with only one tense moment when my cousin asked about an old rocking chair of my mothers for the one hundredth time.

The food was delicious and the house was full of old stories and laughter.  It was also nice when everyone left and my husband and I could just sit for a few minutes.  I went to an 8:00pm meeting and ran into an old sponsee that I love love love.  It was a good day from start to finish.

My grandson is in town for the week and today is our annual day after Thanksgiving trip to the GoCart track.  I have never outgrown my love of go cart driving.  Yesterday while my daughters were washing dishes, he and I went behind my fence to the bayou and set up an elaborate array of coke cans on sticks and had sharp shooting contests with BB guns.  I have never outgrown my love of BB guns shot at coke cans either.  To date, I've never met anyone who can out shoot me at "coke cans on a stick."

My desire is to be pleasing to God today and not to fret about anything.


Mary Christine said...

Sounds like a wonderful thanksgiving.

And I am sure your desire to please God is pleasing in itself!

Lots of love from Denver, Colorado... mary

Syd said...

Sounds like a great day. Wish that I could have been there for the BB shooting. I used to be pretty good.

StaZ said...

What a fun gramma you are! I'm glad you had a good day. I missed dad...but it was so great to see my crazy cousins and their families. Remind me of the best of me. Cody came too and played guitar for everyone and they all clapped (they haven't all seen him since he was 10)!

Annette said...

Oh Pam, the more I read the more I want you in my real life! But I am so grateful for what I do in my blogger world friends. You are amazingly wonderful...shooting coke cans on a stick and go cart driving. You know how to have so much fun!